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Autopano - Main Window - Groups Window - 370

The group window is the workspace for grouping and sorting images.
A panorama detection can then be launched on each group independently.
The detected panoramas will display in the Panorama window.
The bottom of the group window contains features that are relative to all common groups.

Group window

Group interface

The group interface allows to show all group content, shooting information and to adjust the panorama detection settings.



The toolbar gives access to the parameters for the group only.

Launch detection icon Detect / Stop detection iconn Stop detection

This launches the panorama detection for the current group.
Press again to stop the detection.

Group settings icon Group settings

Contains many settings for the panorama detection and the processing of group images.
For more information, consult the page dedicated to Group settings.

Image properties icon Image properties

This contains various information and settings of the image’s EXIF data and their interpretation by Autopano.
For more information, consult the page dedicated to Image properties.

Add images icon Add images

Opening a file browser allows you to click pictures you want to add to the current group.

Plugin Wizard icon Plugin Wizard ( Autopano Giga Autopano Giga only)

You can apply plug-ins to your images so that they can be processed before moving to the creation of panoramas.
For more information, consult the page dedicated to Plugin Wizard.

Close icon Close

Closes the current group.

Image display area

Each group's image is represented by a thumbnail (default display mode).
Right click on this area to open the contextual menu.
The options available in the contextual menu apply to selected images or all images if none image is selected.
Any selected images is highlighted. You can select multiple images at once by drawing a selection rectangle by holding down the Shift key or using the ctrl (Windows) / cmd (Mac) key.

Viewer (double click)

Double click an image lets open the viewer to display a preview of the images.

Images viewer

This window allows to preview images one by one using arrows or the images list.
It is also possible to zoom in/zoom out thanks to the zoom level at the bottom left part of the window.

The EXIF button lets display an information tab containing EXIF data of the images:

EXIF data

Contextual menu (right click)

Group's contextual menu

  • Open containing folder...
Opens a file browser window where your images are found.
  • View image...
Displays the selected image in Autopano's viewer.
You can open as many viewers as you want.
  • View
The display icon is the default display mode; each image is represented by a thumbnail with its name. The display detailspresents the images as a list and it also shows additional information.
View icon View details
  • Reload pictures
This refreshes the images stored in temporary folders.
This is useful if you change an image after adding it to a group and avoids the creation of a new group.
The new version of this image will replace the old.
  • Add images ...
By opening a file browser you can select pictures to be added in the current group.
  • Copy/Paste images
Copies the selected image or glues the images in the current group.
  • Remove images
Deletes the selected images.
  • Copy images to a new group
Creates a new group that contains a copy of the selected images.
  • Move images to a new group
Creates a new group and moves the selected images. They will no longer be available in their original group.
  • Split group here
Split the group at the desired place: use this option on an image will cut the group at this place to create a new group including the selected image and all its following images.
  • Group selection into stack
Groups the selected images as one stack. They will appear as a single thumbnail with a small symbol Symbole Pile.
This function is useful when shooting with manual bracketing. It groups the different bracket levels belonging to the same shoot.
  • Create stack by N
Group the selected images into several stacks. They will appear as a single thumbnail with a small symbol Symbole Pile.
If you bracket shot with three different levels of exposure, type 3 to automatically group all identical views together.
  • Un-stack
This is opposite from “Stack”, it breaks up the pile so that each image is displayed independently.

Shooting information

This frame displays information about the shooting corresponding to a group.

Number of images Number of images in the group.

Focal length Focal length of lens used.

Shutter speed Shutter speed used.

Aperture Aperture used.

Shooting date Shooting date.

Time lapse Time interval needed for the shooting.

All groups

All group's toolbar

The toolbar in the lower part of the group window contains the functions relative to all common groups.

Detect all iconDetect /Stop all icon Stop everything

The detection on all of the common groups will be launched when this button is pushed.
If the button is pressed again during the detection, the detection will stop.

New group icon New group

This button creates an empty group in which you can add pictures.

Close all groups icon Close all groups

This button closes all running groups.

Thumbnail size slider Thumbnail size

Use this slider to adjust the sizes of the thumbnails found in the groups.

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