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APT v1.0 Prerequisites

Flash® configuration

Autopano Tour enables you to create virtual tours in Flash® format. Therefore, your computer needs the Flash viewer to be able to display the generated virtual tours. Most of the time, it is already installed on your computer. If not, or if you would like to install the latest version, you can get it on this page: Download Flash® Player.

Virtual tours need at least version 9 of Flash® viewer, but we recommand that you use version 10. 3D management has been largely enhanced between version 9 and version 10 ; distortion effects may appear if you use version 9 of the Flash® viewer.

The Flash® files are meant to be used mainly on the Internet and they may be blocked if used locally (i.e. if you want to load them from your computer, not from the Internet). You need to configure 'Trusted Folders' to make the Flash files run locally. The configuration of the 'Trusted Folders' should be made via this web interface.

Technical jargon

  • Flash®: A technology of Adobe® enabling to create and display animated content such as virtual tours.
  • .SWF: The extension of Flash® files. Virtual tours generated in Autopano Tour are named this way: my-virtual-tour.swf
  • Hotspot: A zone or a point in the virtual tour that enables interaction: moving to another view of the tour, opening a webpage, displaying an image, etc. Hotspots are a very important when creating complete virtual tours, as they let you link the different views of the tour together.
  • .XML: The extension of the configuration files that define the options chosen for the virtual tour.