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APT v1.0 Hotspots editor window


Tools bar

Move pan.png Move mode: mouse movements while left button is pressed enable to displace editable area. The double click displays the window in full screen.

When the escape touch is down, the move mode is automatically activated.

Move full.png Full screen mode: displays the window in full screen.
  • if the window is floating, screen used will be the one where the window is.
  • if the window is docked, screen used will be a different one (if exist).
Hotspot polygonal.png Polygonal hotspot: each click adds a point to the current polygon. When the last point is near the first point, the polygon is automatically closed and added to the panorama.

Drawn lines between control points are curved to match the projection of the panorama so that they display correctly when viewing the panorama.

Hotspot image.png Point hotspot: each click adds a point hotspot at the mouse position.
Lensflare.png Lens flare mode: each click adds a lens flare effect at the mouse position.
Back.png Previous: select the previous panorama
Forward.png Next : select the next panorama


Dark area shows the area where it’s impossible to draw a hotspot. It prevents you from drawing a polygon with more than 180 degrees FOV.

According to current mode, editable objects are in yellow and uneditable ones are in white.


Depending on the current mode (polygonal hotspot, point hotspot, lens flare), the editable objects appear in yellow and the non-editable objects appear in white. When an object is editable, you can:

  • Adjust the position of a point hotspot by dragging and dropping it.
  • Drag the intersections of a polygonal hotpoint. To be able to modify a polygon, it needs to be entirely within the editing zone.
  • Delete it with the contextual menu (right-click)


You can zoom in the window with the scroll wheel of the mouse even while drawing a hotspot.