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APT v1.0 Central window


Pano open.png Open a project file
Pano save.png Save the current project
Banner close.png Close the current project
Group addpicture.png Add pictures to the virtual tour
Render.png Export the project in Adobe® Flash® format
Whatsthis.png Get quick help on the toolbar icons

Project view

The central window lets you select the different elements of your virtual tour (panoramas or hotspots) to edit them.



  • A single click selects a panorama or a hotspot (white circles for point hotspots, white triangles for zonal hotspots).
  • Holding down the Ctrl key lets you select several items.
  • The Ctrl+A shortcut selects all panoramas and all hotspots.

Each selected element has a black frame. Hotspots are also filled in white to increase the visual contrast.


  • The scroll of the mouse enables to modify the size of the items displayed.
  • When the scene is not entirely visible, scroll bars are displayed. You can also use the mouse or the arrow keys to move in the visibility zone.
  • The name of the panorama appears when hovering over it with the mouse.


  • Moving panoramas is simple: just drag and drop them.
  • Dragging a hotspot on a panorama created a link to the panorama. An arrow symbolizes this link. This arrow is shown only when the panorama is selected.
  • To delete a panorama, you can right-click on it or press the Suppr key.

Attention : the deletion of hotspots can only be done in the hotspot edition window (C), not in the central window.