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APT resources hotspots rd 20100713 01

Blue directional hotspot

  • APT Vesion: 1.1.0 beta 9
  • History: Version 0.1 - 2010-07-13
  • submitted by: RickDrew
  • contact: via email (login to autopano forum required)
  • Forum
  • License: Usage is free for all Autopano Tour owners


These are blue directional hotspots.
The content of the zip file: up/down/left/right/front blue arrows.



How to use it

Just unpack the .zip file. The .png can be included as Hostspot: Hotspot Properties -> Display -> Object


  • Download the file(s) here :

hotspot "up" hotspot "down" hotspot "left" hotspot "right" hotspot "front"