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APT Resources

Welcome in the Resources page of the Kolor wiki.

This is the place to upload and share resources files for the Kolor software solutions : APP / APG and APT.

For basic rules on how to edit a wiki and wiki syntax rules, please follow this tutorial.

See following example and the upload page to know how to upload and link a file on the wiki.

Some basic rules:

  • Do not directly link files in the related category : create a new page describing your resource, and link the file in this page.
  • Name of resource pages should be representative and begin with the category name.
  • Uploaded files must belong to you or the public domain and be free. DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!


Let's say you want to upload a textstyle described in fireLetterTextStyle.xml :

 * [[APT_resources_textstyle_fireletters|Fire letters]] : a text style with burning letter
  • click on the newly created link
  • describe the resource, provide a screenshot if possible, give credits to whom it may be given.
  • to include the file there are two ways:
    • either go to the upload page, upload your file and link it in the resource description page
    • or directly link the file in the page and click on it, it will bring you to the upload page :
 [[Image:APT_resources_textstyle_FirelettersScreenshot.png|fire letters effect]]
 [[Media:APT_resources_textstyle_fireLettersTextStyle.xml|fire letters text style]]

Now you are ready follow links below and start sharing with the community!

Autopano Tour resources

Autopano Pro / Giga resources