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APP/APG v2.0 Troubleshooting

Crash during rendering

This is a pretty common issue and in 95%, it's caused by not enough memory. Autopano Pro is able to stitch really big panoramas but you still need to check points before doing gigapixels :

  • First, the computer. You won't be able to do a big panorama with a small computer. It's obvious of course.

So at least 2 or more gigabytes is needed as RAM memory. You should also have a huge temporary folder. We can use a lot of temporary files ( 20 gigas is good for many case ).

  • Globals settings : in the edit menu, general preferences, verify those settings :
    • Don't put a high number into the cache size. Put a low value ( 20 MB, for example, not more ).
    • The setting below that tells how many memory to use during rendering should also be set to low if the rendering doesn't work.
    • You'll have to start again the software for theses settings to be updated.

Once you have check that, you should be able to render big panoramas.

Note : For Autopano engine, big panoramas means a high width. The height has no influence with our cell rendering engine, only the width. So if your panorama is 10K x 40K, it's in fact small for our engine, but 40K x 10K is pretty big ).

APP has problems with more than three levels of bracketing

APP has a restriction in the default settings to process no more than 3 exposures brackets. If you want to process more, change the quality detection settings from normal to high.

[1.4.0 OSX Leopard] temp files not deleted when closing groups/panos

Yes. That's by design. In fact, temporary files are often developed raw files. I assume that if the software is still open, you can want to get back on those files and I keep cache for picture. BTW : one picture can be in groups, or in pano, or in the job queue, that's a lot of location. Every other temporary file is freed as soon as possible when not needed anymore : for example after the rendering, rendering temp space is cleaned.

[1.4.0 OSX] Registration issue (user and code are not recorded)

Use spotlight for looking for the file com.kolor.Autopano.plist and/or the file com.kolor.AutopanoPro.plist then delete them.

[1.5.0 OSX] Registration issue (user and code are not recorded)

  • use finder, Menu/Go/Go to folder/
  • write ~/Library/Preferences/ and press enter
  • delete all files beginning with com.kolor.

[1.4.0 OSX] preference menu is disabled (grey)

Check if there is no dialog box opened like "Settings", "Batch Render" or "About". If not use spotlight for looking for the file com.kolor.Autopano.plist and/or the com.kolor.AutopanoPro.plist then delete them.

[1.4.0 Windows] Cannot save panoramas

If no file is created when you try to save a panorama as a project file or when you try to render it as a JPG file for example, try to change the file name values in the Filename field. For example, replace %a by an actual filename.