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Version History up to 1.4.0

1.4 Release Candidate 2

Aim: Fix plenty of bugs! This is the second biggest bug solving session ever.

Release Date: 12 October 2007


1.4 Release Candidate 1

Aim: Fix plenty of bugs! This is the biggest bug solving session ever. RC1 should be the last development version before 1.4 final.

Release Date: 21 September 2007

If a bug is listed here, it is confirmed by the Autopano Pro authors. If it is fixed, there's a FIXED prefix. The version in front of each bug is the APP version that has the bug, not the one that the bug is solved in.


1.4 Alpha 3

Aim: bugs correction and improvement. This is the last alpha version. There might be one beta before final.

Release Date: 1 August 2007

If a bug is listed here, it is confirmed by the Autopano Pro authors. If it is fixed, there's a FIXED prefix. The version in front of each bug is the APP version that has the bug, not the one that the bug is solved in.

NEW - 1.4 a3 : extended save as

  • You can now save the .pano project and move / copy pictures files directly by a simple interface
  • Simple template syntaxe to describe .pano relative folder where to put sources files

IMPROVED - 1.4 a2 - Control points color coding and more:

  • adding new cps changes the link into light blue in panorama preview and dark blue in link editor.
  • added cps have their rms calculated
  • adding cp is now a threaded mecanism with progress bar ( to handle long delay in fisheye matching )
  • deleting some cps change the corresponding link to blue.
  • after optimizing, everything goes back to green/orange/red.

IMPROVED - 1.4 a3 - Layer editor :

  • You can copy or move some pictures from layer editor to a new panorama. Select some pictures, right click, move to or copy to new panorama.
  • Group by Bracket : it will reorganize pictures according to the exposure bias.
  • You have access to the circular crop on fisheye picture here ( non central value are now relative and not absolute ).
  • many bug fix on the layer editor

IMPROVED - 1.4 a3 - Render dialog box :

  • Direct display of size of the panorama in inch / mm
  • Improved tree editor for outputing individual pictures / panorama layers

IMPROVED - 1.4 a3 - Panorama editor :

  • Crop : you can fix a ratio ( 2:1 or 6:17 ) when cropping.
  • Crop : direct button to get the full sphere (360x180) zone.
  • The engine behind the panorama editor has been totally changed. It's should be far more stable and it will allow to make a great improvement in speed in this area now. You can already see that in action with the level tool ( far quicker now ). Perhaps, this big change could have broke some features, but we checked them all.

IMPROVED - 1.4 a3 - Fisheye support :

  • Fix : Case with zenitar 16.8mm
  • Fix : Load / Save of advanced fisheye project
  • Fix : Robust algorithm used in fisheye mode too
  • Fix : Focal displayed for fisheye was 0
  • Fix : Improvement advanced lens distortion optimizer

CHANGED - 1.4 a3 - Detection :

  • Default value for detection quality is now in the middle. You still have 3 settings : low, standard, high which correspond to old ( standard, high, max ). It's more clear this way to a new user.


1.4 Alpha 2

Aim: bugs correction and mac release

Release Date: 29 June 2007


1.4 Alpha 1

Release date: Monday 25 June 2007

We changed our plan to be able to release the 1.4 version. The new motion mode / layer editor involved too many changes, so we decided to go ahead and add fisheye support too. It's now the 1.4 branch directly.

  • NEW: fisheye support
    • full frame / circular
    • fisheye support in control point editor
    • advanced lens distortion on both lens ( standard / fisheye )
  • NEW: motion mode / layer editor
    • A brand new editor to move around pictures, change rotation, zoom in, zoom out, etc.
    • editable pictures list with yaw / pitch / roll / focal / lens distortion
  • NEW: PanoEditor icon : size / text customizable
  • NEW: Customizable point of view tool - stay enabled or not after use
  • NEW: Ability to set color correction for each layer separately
  • NEW: Advisor tool. It tells what's wrong ! It's also a support window for every tool to display option, settings, etc.

  • FIXED 1.3.1 a2 Color Correction with Mono WB & Transfer - When stitching 2 images and using Color Correction with Mono WB & Transfer anchor on one image and Hard anchor on another, color correction is performed as if anchors where switched.
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a2 - Crash when decoding some DNG files. Problem identified, but will be patch only in 1.3.1 Final.


1.3.1 Windows / Mac / Linux Alpha 2

Aim: bugs correction

Release Date: 05 March 2007

  • NEW - Show output file size in megapixels in the Render dialog
  • NEW - Default button in settings dialog box (retrieve factory setting :))
  • IMPROVED - Raw decoding using last improvement of dcraw
  • IMPROVED - The grid : customizable now, size, color, etc
  • FIXED 1.3.0 Export to panotools on mac : \ instead of / using in path to files
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Drag'n'drop files on autopano exe crash the software.
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Linux: wrong default temporary path
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Unlinked picture were not used in color correction system
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 TIFF compression mode. ZIP was never selected.
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 PSB rendered file not closed until exiting APP
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Layer Editor is not showing
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Bug lors de la détection - bug uniquement linux avec des images ayant le flag vertical
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Blending problem - wrong DCRAW parameter, resulting in strange RAW decoding in some cases
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Rotation flag - camera can be rotated left or right so the orientation can have two directions
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 In the main screen options menu, "Neighborhood" is misspelled
  • FIXED 1.3.1 a1 Wrong lens length - when downsizing canon pictures
  • FIXED 1.3.0 Render file naming - file name numbering of layers is wrong. Now dialog render box shows #### instead of a too early guessed number. Batch renderer keeps the real rendered name.


Update 6 March 2007 : Linux second release ( fix GLIBC 2.4 dependancy ) :

Update 7 March 2007 : Linux third release ( fix for crash under GNOME ) :

1.3.1 Windows / Linux Alpha 1

Aim: Several new features that have been requested for some time now and fixes for the most popular bugs

Release Date: 16 February 2007

Highlights: EXIF editor, manual image placement in Panorama Editor, local optimizer

  • NEW : EXIF edition before detection to adjust focal :
    • Full editor to edit focal for one/several pictures in a group
    • Access to camera sensor database
    • Convertor factor (if you have a 0.7x or 1.3x lens convertor)
    • Reporting tool if the camera is not supported in our database
  • NEW : Manual placement of pictures :
    • Drag'n'move individual picture to their location
    • Local optimize : select one or more pictures, right click, local optimize : it allows to patch just a part of a panorama
    • Local Geometry analysis : select one or more pictures, local geometry analysis : just as it says.
    • We'll also doing some research to improve SIFT when used through manual insertion of CP (Flags to select the quality of the detector used in Control Point Editor, but also a really finetunning of SIFT for that case)
  • Color correction improvements :
    • NEW : 3 new color anchors : Mono WB, Mono Transfer, Mono WB+transfer. It gaves better results in some hard color correction cases.
    • IMPROVED : color correction on big panorama (> 100 pictures) : done in seconds instead of hours.
  • Other improvements :
    • NEW : You can disable both views in CP editor to have a faster selection of Links / Pictures
    • NEW : Ability to enable / disable line cross of center point (Menu view : enable / disable cross)
    • NEW : Every path selection / filename selection have auto-completion
    • NEW : Merge Panoramas. Select any number of panorama, merge them. If they have common pictures, everything will be placed according to previous optimization of individual panorama. So cool for big panoramas.
    • NEW : General settings to enable/disable multiple instance of the software
    • NEW : Option in Control point editor to select the quality of the detector used / number of control point to generate
    • NEW : Option in Control point editor setting to select the number of cp to generate there
    • NEW : Option in Control point editor setting to choose the size of neighboorhood concerned by local optimize
    • NEW : correct handling of the vertical flag if present
    • NEW : ICC profile workflow on jpeg (not on TIFF for the moment)
    • NEW : activable grid over the panorama preview to see if everything is straight vertical
    • IMPROVED : When removing a picture from the panorama through the control point editor, a full calculation is done. It can be done differently to have an instant delete tool
    • IMPROVED : command line usage (txt report file, temporary folder choice)
    • IMPROVED : Correct tab order in Render dialog box
    • IMPROVED : Link editor / Layer editor / EXIF Properties : order and size of columns are now stored between session
    • IMPROVED : Faster Smartblend and a little better
    • CHANGED : Synchro Button on the toolbar now
    • FIX : Crash in history
    • FIX : Fine Tune button badly linked
    • FIX : Linux crash when hitting browse button
    • FIX : When parsing ACDSee 7.0 rotated pictures