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Version History up to 1.3.0

1.3 Final

Aim: Autopano Pro works great in many cases when doing a panorama, but there are still some cases, where manual user intervention is needed. The aim of this version is to be able to adjust and correct when something is wrong. The main tool for that is a full and working control point editor in a quick an efficient mode.

In fact, after several betas, this branch formed as a huge improvement over v1.2.1:

  • Full featured control point editor - an industry-first process of adding control points and identifying image links
  • Panorama Layers
  • Smartblend integration - the most popular anti-ghosting blender, now almost completely integrated in APP
  • Keep the original images' EXIF and more - APP generates useful EXIF data for each pano you render
  • Virtual file writer on every output format - this allows you to render huge projects without the need of much RAM
  • Zoom the preview in the panorama editor - use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the preview image in APP
  • Complete batch rendering - this allows you to prepare your projects upfront and then render 10 or 1000 panoramas at once, while you're away
  • Several automated functions - saves time by applying common actions to a panorama after the initial detection. Auto crop, color correct, render, save and close!

Released: 11 December 2006.

1.3 Linux Beta 1

Aim : Linux port :)

Release Date : 20 December 2006

This is the first beta version for the linux version of Autopano Pro (branch 1.3.0). We compiled the software under a debian based linux, but it should work on many platform. There are still some work to do, mostly cosmetics, but I'm sure linux user will find some real bugs.

  • Initial release


1.3 RC4

Aim : Stability, stability, stability

Release Date : 1 December 2006

Notes : If you have already a RC version, you don't need to reinstall autopano pro. If you have a previous beta (1 to 6), you have to.

  • IMPROVED - Batch renderer
    • batch queue loading/saving
    • drag'n'drop for queue arrangement
    • drag'n'drop from outside directly to the right position you want
    • better design
  • NEW - Memory usage selector during rendering. It allows bigger panorama to be rendered (general settings, near cache selector)
  • IMPROVED - When reading back old .pano from previous version
  • CHANGED - Increased detectivity in the manual control point editor (we might expose a setting to allow you to choose it)
  • FIX - Olympus C5050Z support (=> general revamp of the olympus exif decoding interface)
  • FIX - psd/psb layer0 name different if using layer embedded or not
  • FIX - Better handling of this case : http://forum.autopano.net/t958-rc3-big-pano-memory-issue
  • FIX - Warning if a fisheye is present in a group
  • FIX - In translation, we forgot some language
  • FIX - Smartblend and 360° : http://forum.autopano.net/t983-rc3-360-end-discontinuity-smartblend-issue
  • FIX - Crash Handling when destination file was locked
  • FIX - Crash if temp folder size is too small instead of a good warning
  • FIX - Crash if temp folder is on c:
  • FIX - Wrong text in registration dialog box
  • FIX - Default temporary folder was not translated (german windows XP)
  • FIX - Improved speed in geometrical analysis
  • FIX - Template %i %j, %I %J were broken
  • FIX - Olympus DNG : http://forum.autopano.net/t972-solved-problem-when-redoing-pano-dng-decoding-issue
  • FIX - Drop support of jpeg compression in tiff => it causes issue in rendering because doesn't allow alpha to be stored and limitated to 32000 width, tiff can do more.
  • FIX - MAC : dmg compression mode changed. It should work now on MacOS 10.3 (thus not tested)

1.3 RC3

Aim : Stability, stability, stability

Release Date : 17 November 2006

Notes : If you have already a RC version, you don't need to reinstall autopano pro. If you have a previous beta (1 to 6), you have to.

  • NEW - Brand new interface for batch renderer
  • NEW - %g in rendering-file-name => it forces me to update the file version number to store the ID associated in the .pano. It wasn't done yet
  • NEW - %v => APP version in rendering-file-name
  • IMPROVED - when we cannot write on the temporary folder (better warning and handling)
  • IMPROVED - better exception handling in worker thread
  • IMPROVED - testing when removing a picture during rendering ...
  • IMPROVED - error during detection (memory issue ?) => better exception handling
  • IMPROVED - levmar : better exception handling during optimization
  • CHANGED - max cache limit size set to 512MB instead of 1500MB
  • FIX - smartblend : back to old value of minsize (was color banding issue)
  • FIX - menu projection error
  • FIX - HDR stitching => preview windows has the tone mapper and should not (was a cache issue)
  • FIX - Group numbered starting at 1 and not 0
  • FIX - orientation flag to clean for the rendering
  • FIX - history : add a limit to the number of undo (I didn't limit it, but add a memory check so that it wont crash it there's no more memory for undo)
  • FIX - eyedrop and HDR don't work (we changed a little the cursor and realigned it to match perfectly where it points at)
  • FIX - Qt rendering bug (crash during zoom in or out while link editor is open)
  • FIX - panorama fanatic's case : low res bug at big angle
  • FIX - gurl's bug : PSD/PSB in two groups, occuring at the second rendering of the panorama only.
  • FIX - auto save and close not in the right folder
  • FIX - ssprengel zoom out bug
  • FIX - cubic displayed CI in rendering-file-name
  • FIX - MAC : weird characters in psd layers names
  • CANNOT REPRODUCE : Level and 16bits when rendering ... PROBABLY FIXED BY ANOTHER FIX

1.3 RC2

Aim : Stability, stability, stability

Release Date : 25 October 2006

Notes : If you already have RC1, you doesn't need to reinstall autopano pro. If you have a previous beta, you have to.

  • IMPROVED - better user information when out of space. When checking for space before rendering, if you need more space, the UI will tell you where and how much it seems ( found something when using network drives, should solve some issues ).
  • FIX - Critical Error Not enough space on temporary folder!!!
  • IMPROVED - better user information when a crash occurs during detection phase
    (was "add a cache size check before doing detection on raw ( make the detection fully strong to exception ... )" )
  • FIX - ssprengel : App / Edit / Editor - "Transfer" is the correct spelling in English, instead of "Transfer"
  • FIX - buggy manual color correction updates
  • FIX - wrong individual pictures names in psd/psb when using smartblend
  • FIX - ssprengel : abort on render locks the destination file (it also removes the file that could be corrupted)
  • FIX - ssprengel : keep the last link selected when adjusting the control point
  • DONE - Support for SR2 sony raw files.
  • DONE - The HDR revamp changes a lot of stuff, there's still some broken features in this area. Okay. Another major improvement in the HDR functionality. I checked everything. It's now working perfectly. I tried any case I have (and I have many of them) and all were near perfection. BTW, you can even change aperture and/or exposure between shoots, no problem. Amazing. The only thing that I didn't figured out yet is the support of smartblend on HDR. Smartblend has many limitation and you cannot tell him a per pixel weight for pixel for each layer. I already talked sometimes ago about the fact that smartblend is half the solution and not the real stuff. So I will not spend more time on this task as it will solves itself when switching to a better blender. Now, the future work on HDR is to revamp the tone mapper to better one.
  • FIX - TIFF files over 64K in any dimension.
  • FIX - Exif Date was wrong in the group summary (one month difference).
  • NEW - Cameras.txt put under Creative Common license
  • NEW - Improvement in drag'n'drop to main windows
  • DONE - Alphabetical order on group on detection.
  • NOT REPRODUCED - RMS : after reload, doesn't display the same RMS as after detection. I suppose the initial .pano was from a really previous version.
  • NEW - Polish language (thanks to Piotr Jezierski).
  • FIX - Mac : nasty bug when reopening .pano with raw => crash directly.
    The same bug was in the windows version but it never crashed there ( except on one computer of just one customer ... ).
  • FIX - Mac : PSD / PSB big files
  • DONE - Turn off automatic optimization when I work in link editor (auto optimization starts when I delete link or delete control points pressing delete in table table)
  • UPDATED - What's'this button description.

1.3 RC1

Aim : HDR, Stability and some last day features

Date : 13 October 2006, Mac updated 16 October 2006

Installation notes : you must uninstall any previous beta

  • NEW - HDR revamp. Many improvements. Still some work left to finish it clean.
  • NEW - Auto tools option : auto crop, render, color correction, save and close
  • NEW - Command line options to control Autopano Pro.
  • NEW - Exif on PSD / PSB and on TIFF.
  • NEW - Picture selection in group, move to new group or add to new group.</nowiki>
  • NEW - Ctrl+C/X => Ctrl+V in groups
  • NEW - Configurable beep for render end
  • NEW - External sensor size in text file (you can add easily a new camera for support)
  • NEW - Level with linear / log switch
  • FIX - mac : temp file from smartblend were not freed
  • FIX - crop : double clic in crop zone didn't validate it
  • FIX - better handling of moved file when opening a .pano
  • FIX - windows not appearing
  • FIX - dirty flag on layer editor
  • FIX - Exif on psd / psb
  • FIX - drag'n'drop in layer editor
  • FIX - close all bug
  • FIX - better Most Recently Used
  • FIX - better layer switch in layer editor
  • FIX - Batch renderer : better handling of error (it's removed from list of panorama to render)

There's still some bug left and I'll put the list on the feedback thread.

1.3 Beta 6

Aim : Full integration of smartblend in autopano pro for both platform

Date : 8 September 2006, updated 11 September 2006

Installation Notes : you must uninstall previous beta. If not, the link editor will not show up correctly.

  • NEW - Far better integration of smartblend. Disk usage is now really slow, you have a realtime preview of smartblend progress. It uses APP temporary path. Available on MAC too.
  • NEW - Zoom in the preview window. All tools UI were recoded to support this zooming. Just set your size of preview and then zoom in.
  • NEW - ICC profile and EXIF preservation. It's working now on jpeg outputs with multiband but not with smartblend.
  • NEW - added optimization flags in group settings to get quicker results on giant panorama.
  • FIX - Many sony and fujifilm camera were not support because of their weird exif encoding.
  • FIX - 16bits ouputs gave 8bits.
  • FIX - link editor : optimizing a panorama with an isolated picture => crash.
  • FIX - panorama with 2 pictures and we remove one of them => crash.
  • FIX - link editor : picture column sorting was wrong for pair / filename.
  • FIX - horizontal / vertical split windows didn't came back from horizontal mode.
  • FIX - checkbox options of the fine tuner are mixed up.
  • FIX - an added picture from link editor wasn't rendered.
  • FIX - Link editor : Geometric analysis hangs the UI.
  • FIX - crop outside windows crash.
  • FIX - one transparent line at right edge of picture. Must be fixed as it is not reproductible with this version.
  • FIX - improved algorithm of CP number reduction : SIFT thread discussion in forum

1.3 Beta 5

Aim - Full control point editor

  • NEW - the side by side editor which helps you to place and correct control point on a pair of picture. We achieved to stitch all panorama we collected since the start of autopano with this editor (95% automatically, this editor solves the 5% not automatically stitched).
  • NEW - adding a "last picture in the group" entrance ( not just the first ) in templating system
  • NEW - template system for project (.pano file)
  • FIX - number of processor / HT not well detected
  • FIX - 16 bits rendering seems to crash (using raw or 16bit tiff)
  • FIX - priority in rendering doesn't work
  • FIX - crop with a too small area (one image totally excluded) => crash with smartblend
  • FIX - batch render - pause / continue => does not always continue
  • FIX - batch render - you can remove a .pano from the list, not only abort the first one
  • FIX - batch render - direct render without open of panorama with tone mapper gives white render
  • FIX - During detection, double clic on a picture => crash (I didn't reproduced this bug but I'm quite sure it's the same as 16bits rendering crash)
  • FIX - Render settings, once resized, it does not reopen at the same custom size, it opens at the default size only.
  • FIX - Render Dialog Box - the output directory name ends with the image name, including file extention (in mode use image folder as default rendering folder )
  • FIX - Huge size PSD / PSB broken - doesn't work > 2.5Go
  • FIX - ctrl+N shortcut isn't connected to new group
  • Improved memory usage. When too many panorama opened at the same time. Less memory used, more panorama can be opened at the same time. For TAF, now you can have many panorama loaded in the panorama view with a really small memory usage.
  • FIX - strange window behavior when having more than 25 panoramas opened in the pano viewer (display was scrambled with some pixels appearing in top left part of the screen even if autopano window wasn't there). It was a window ressource limitation issue that is solved now.
  • FIX - header in groups not correct when doing multiple detection at the same time.

1.3 Beta 4

Aim : fixes

  • FIX - crop during reload of panorama => crash.
  • FIX - rendering - carre noir
  • FIX - rendering - black lines sometimes (color correction, 2 or mores cpu). with 8 cpu, really offen
  • FIX - After DxO => vertical/horizontal detection didn't work anymore
  • FIX - level before end of preprocessing, crash
  • FIX - link editor - RMS displayed after a panorama reload are wrong. There are good at detection time.
  • FIX - batch render - when add project and render => bad, when render through panoview render => good.
  • FIX - Render Dialog Box - Apply instead of OK when using CTRL
  • FIX - Render Dialog Box - files already exist on layers
  • FIX - link editor - assert when adding a picture to the panorama.
  • FIX - quick preview - keep the last zoom used
  • FIX - crop and center point - set position inside image and position inside of crop windows. After that image will not move, but projection will changed, and new center point will be at the place, where I click (good idea).
  • FIX - batch render - abort/pause on smartblend or enblend rendering cause a message without crash.
  • Wip - in the panorama editor, there's a new temporary icon. Through it, you can have a look on the Working in Progress of the control point editor.

1.3 Beta 3

New features :

  • NEW - Synchronized picture viewer (nice feature)
  • NEW - Enblend and smartblend support
  • NEW - Batch renderer - open .pano (to add it to the batch list)
  • NEW - In browse a folder - check box "don't mix vertical and horizontal pictures"
  • NEW - Mac version

1.3 Beta 2

This is bugfix release for beta 1 plus some improvement

  • FIX : after image deletion, color blending, white balance are not reevaluated even if the image was a reference,
  • FIX : APP logo across pano in registered version,
  • FIX : multiband blending is very bad, solved,
  • FIX : autofit flag on panoeditor solved,
  • FIX : deletion of a picture twice crash
  • Link Editor : better selection preview (with darkened pictures)
    It fixes this quote from the forum : “In control point editors, when you select a picture in the control point editor popup, it should be shown like the image view mode because sometimes pictures are so close that you cannot tel if it’s the number 3 or the number 10 you want to delete”
  • Forum quote : “When you open a .pano, if a picture is missing, you’ve got a critical error, « file missing » and the program closed. Sometimes, images have just been moved, so it would be nice to give the new path to the picture.. (instead of making again the pano)”
    We added an automatic find which tries to retrieve the file itself.
  • PSD / PSB : we have well named layer in PSD / PSB now.
  • NEW : we changed totally the way we were handling the final render filename.
    Now, you can have a templatized system for the output filename :
    •  %i / %I : short/long name of the 1st picture
    •  %s : render size (11254 x 2541)
    •  %f : fov (25.6° x 14.3°)
    •  %p / %P : short/long name for projection (S,C,P) or (Spherical/Cylindrical/Planar)
    •  %t / %T : short/long name for interpolator
    •  %c / %C : short/long name for color correction used
    •  %l / %L : blended layer name
    •  %a / %A : short/long project nameWe also changed the rendering properties dialog box to illustrate what is rendered. This way, it’s far more clear to see what you will get if you render a multilayer pano.
      This system also manages nicely collisions in file names preventing an accidental overwrite.
  • Optimization : I tried a little trick here to improve speed in lens correction, from 10% to 70% speed increase.
  • Cache system : Some cleaning after a preview helps to get the same low memory usage. Now, it’s around 5 to 10 mega / pano. You can open more panorama at the same time.
  • Panotools import : cleaned interface with no option at all for optimization.
  • Crop and planar mode : I changed the way I was handling limits of the planar projection and it’s far better now.

1.3 Beta 1

9 June 2006

  • This is a huge new release with many improvement and new features. Here's some of them :
    • Brand new rendering engine :
      - complete multithreaded engine which support now multicores on single render,
      - Virtual File Writer on any format : no more limitations on any file format,
      - huge reduction of needed memory for huge panorama rendering,
      - layers mode on every formats available,
      - new interpolators, bicubic sharper / bicubic smoother and corrected bicubic,
      - TIFF support,
    • 1st part of the control point editor :
      - logical edition of link,
      - add / remove of pictures and links,
      - helper windows for nice selection,
      - visual selection on the panorama directly.
    • New notion : Layer editor :
      - allows logical regroupment between pictures and how to handle this regroupment,
      - now you can do one render per aperture for example.
    • Undo is changed for a true History :
      - every modification is kept is the listing,
      - you can get back on any previous step,
      - snapshot, to keep nice steps

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