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Using Panono 360 camera


Panono 360° camera is made up of 36 cameras. Every single images are automatically put together and saved in the cloud. If you want to go further in post-production, you can stitch your 36 pictures using Autopano Giga.

How to proceed (Autopano Giga)?

Just drag and drop all the pictures to Autopano.
Autopano icon groupsettings.png Open Group settings menu.

Render window - overview
  • Detection
    • Tick the box and choose Quality of detection: High
    • Filtering model: Spherical (Complete model on the sphere)

  • Links
    • Layout: Template Panono
    • If needed, select Force every image to be in one panorama.

Click OK and launch the detection

You can download the template here, then copy it to:
OSX: Hold the "ALT" key, then open Go menu in the Finder. Go to Library/Application Support/Kolor/AutopanoGigaXX/User/Templates/
Windows: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Kolor\Autopano Giga X.X\User\Templates\

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