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Using Panono 360 camera


Panono 360° camera is made up of 36 cameras. Every single images are automatically put together and saved in the cloud. If you want to go further in post-production, you can stitch your 36 pictures using Autopano Pro/Giga.

How to proceed?

Just drag and drop all the pictures to Autopano.
Autopano icon groupsettings.png Open Group settings menu.

Render window - overview
  • Detection
    • Tick the box and choose Quality of detection: High
    • Filtering model: Spherical (Complete model on the sphere)

  • Links
    • Layout: Template Panono
    • If needed, select Force every image to be in one panorama.

Click OK and launch the detection

You can download the template here, then copy it to:
OSX: Hold the "ALT" key, then open Go menu in the Finder. Go to Library/Application Support/Kolor/AutopanoProXX or AutopanoGigaXX/User/Templates/
Windows: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Kolor\Autopano Pro X.X or Autopano Giga X.X\User\Templates\

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