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How to shutter a Nikon D70 with Merlin

Unlike its successors D70s, D80, D90 etc., the D70 has no built in wired shutter release in. So we have to use the IR receiver.

Getting this to work takes some DIY work, but nothing serious!

Note: This should also work for the "smaller" Nikon DSLR like D40, D60, .... but I haven't tried.

Needed Hardware

1. A infrared shutter. I bought a "GentLED shutter" from Gentles Ltd, Scotland. I later figured out that the Gentle AUTO would be even more suitable (it saves you some work), but on the other hand I do not need an extra battery now.

2. 2 120 Ohm 1W resistors for a simple voltage divider

3. A switch

5. Some cables, plugs, a small housing.

Let's get it on!

First, I measured the voltage coming out of the "DC Out" of the Merlin head. With 8 Sanyo Everloop fully charged, it were 11 V, 10 V when bluetooth module is plugged in. Maximum voltage for the IR transmitter is 6 V, so a 50:50 voltage divider does it.

The layout is quite simple and is shown below:

Verkabelung Merlin LEDshutter small.png

The colours correspond to the IR transmitter cable colours.

Packed into a small housing and equipped with a switch (the voltage divider is a constant load and should be switched off if not needed), we are ready to go.

Here the whole thingy ready for action:

IR uebersicht.png

Detail of Bluetooth module - here goes the 2.5mm stereo plug: Bluetooth jack.jpg

Detail of Merlin jack that powers the IR transmitter via voltage divider:

Merlin jack 2.jpg

Works like a charm! One shortcoming is the rather short cable at the transmitter. This could be a bit longer for more convenience.

Note: Had to change the resistors to 1 W, first ones I used were 0.1 W (?), they got awfully hot!