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APP/APG v2.0 Troubleshooting


The preview looks like this


If when opening the Panorama Editor you find yourself with a panorama preview resembling the example the problem is related to your graphic's card driver. Please update your graphic’s card driver to the latest version. The procedure is quite simple but differs depending on the make and model of your computer.

Note: On some notebook computers the graphic drivers supplied by the manufacturer himtself can have problems. Example: ASUS driver (nv18585_Vista64) contains some bugs preventing Autopano to work properly.

Crash during rendering

This is a common issue, generally caused by a “not enough memory” error. Autopano can stitch very large panoramas, but in order to do so you need to check on some of its settings before producing gigapixels panoramas: For extremely large panoramas (more than 500 source images) a 64bits computer with a 64bits OS will become necessary.

  • But first of all: the computer. It will of course not be possible to stitch large panoramas using a shabby computer. In order to do large panoramas you need a computer with at least 2Gb of RAM and a large amount of free hard drive space for the temporary files (20GO is a good starting point).
  • Global Setting: in the Edit menu, Settings; check the following parameters:
    • Do not use a large value for the Cache (20 MB at most).
    • Choose the Low setting for the Memory used during rendering option.
    • Close and restart Autopano Pro for the changes to take effect.
  • Check the power saving settings on your computer :
    • you should never left the harddrive go to sleep during rendering. This is a common cause of crash during this stage.

Once this is done you should be able to render very large panoramas without crashes.

Note: As far as the Autopano Pro rendering engine is concerned only width matter. In other words height does not affect our cell rendering engine. Therefore, if your panorama is 10000 x 40000 pixels, it’s relatively small for the engine. In the other hand, if it is 40000 x 10000 pixels it is quite big!

Temporary files are not deleted when closing groups or panoramas

That’s not a problem it’s just the way Autopano works. The temporary files are often processed RAW files. We assume that if the software remains open you may want to reuse the developed RAW files and that’s why they are kept intact. The image can be used in a group, a panorama or in the rendering queue, etc…. . All other temporary files are released as soon are they do not serve any purpose anymore: for example, once the rendering process is completed the temporary space used for rendering is cleaned up.

Display Stability ( Mac Version )

At the present time it so happens that the Leopard version of Autopano using Cocoa is a touch less stable than the Tiger version using Carbon. This comes from the fact that we are using the QT library for the UI framework. This library has been ported to Cocoa only quite recently. Until we address the problem, you can, as a workaround, if you are experiencing issues, use the Tiger version (can be used under Leopard without any problem). You will only loose the advantage of working in 64bits as only Cocoa supports it.

Installation Issue ( Windows Version )

If you got this error message "Error 1714. The older version of MS Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable could not be removed” or something related to the runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries .

Then reinstall Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga

Installation Issue ( Mac Version )

The GPU mode can present issues on MACs. In order to fix the problem, a simple update will not fix the issue, what you need to do is a combo update. What this means is that you need to download a full system update from the Apple website and install it manually. You need to this as the automated updates do not automatically patch all system components and in particular those related to GPU issues.


Other issue: If Autopano Pro 2 or Autopano Giga hangs at start up and your are using Growl, make sure you have the latest Growl version here: http://growl.info/

My registration information aren’t saved ( Mac Version )

It’s a know bug on the Mac version.

  • First make sure you have the latest Autopano version installed.

You can obtain it here: http://www.autopano.net/en/buy-autopano/updates.html.

  • Next, if that still does not solve your problem, you need to delete the Autopano preference files so then can be generated again next time Autopano starts.
    • Under Tiger: use spotlight to find the file named com.kolor.Autopano.plist and/or the com.kolor.AutopanoPro.plist. file then delete it/them.
    • Under Leopard: Use the finder and navigate to the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder. Inside this folder delete all files begining with .com.kolor

The Preference menu is inaccessible (grayed out) ( Mac Version )

First check that no dialog such as "Settings", "Batch Render" or "About" is open. Otherwise use spotlight to find the file named com.kolor.Autopano.plist and/or the com.kolor.AutopanoPro.plist. file then delete it/them.

Crash upon quitting (Mac version)

which also means you need to re-register every time you use it.

Solution to solve this :

  • Open Fontbook, the duplicates are tagged with an yellow triangle
  • Select all fonts tagged with that yellow triangle
  • Hit "Resolve duplicates" in the edit menu