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Template:Option Panorama

[[Image:{{{image}}}|thumb|400px|Panorama tab]]

These options influence the panorama’s creation once the detection process is completed. They act on the panorama appearance and define the default color correction settings.

Panorama layout

  • Preferred Projection:
    let you choose the default projection type:
    • Automatic: the software automatically chooses the most suitable projection type among Spherical, Cylindrical and Planar. The choice is determined by the panorama’s FOV.
      • If the horizontal FOV is smaller than 120° and the vertical FOV is smaller than 90° then the Planar projection will be chosen.
      • If the horizontal FOV is greater than 120° and the vertical FOV is smaller than 90° then the Cylindrical projection will be chosen.
      • In all other cases the Spherical projection will be the preferred choice.

You can force a projection type to be the software’s default. Be careful however, as if your panorama is 360° and you choose a Planar projection, only a small part of the panorama will be displayed.

  • Preferred Extend: allow to choose the default panorama size.
    • Clamp to panorama content:
      the final size of the panorama will be the full area containing no empty pixels.
      Clamp to panorama content
    • Maximum projection range:
      the size of the panorama will be the full projection mode surface.
      The projection area for a Spherical projection is 360°x180°, for a Cylindrical projection 360° x 162° maximum, and 162° x 162° maximum for a Planar projection.
      This setting is useful if you always want to generate 360°x180° panoramas even with partial panoramas that do not cover the whole projection area (360°x91.03°).
      Maximum projection range

Color Correction

This setting allows you to choose the default color correction mode when the Auto color correction is activated.