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Talk:APP/APG v2.0 Geometry Editing


You can use the Edit link/button/tab at the top of the page to edit the whole page, not just a section of it.

stacking = cumulative in this case, you got it right.

There does not seem to be an [edit] link for the Projection Modes section.

Towards the end of numerical transformations the word 'stacking' occurs twice: does this mean 'cumulative'?

I have changed stacking to cumulative [leedsjoe]

"What you must know about perspective is quite simple: if you take a photograph of a tiled floor, the individual tiles naturally line-up on the right perspective path, and no trigonometry calculation is necessary to take a picture of a spiral staircase! Since the early stages of photography, comforted by the idea that they did not have to master the perspective concepts, photographers got used to almost ignore the approach to perspective."

The more I tried to work out how to make this paragraph clearer, in English, the more I wondered about what point(s) this paragraph is trying to make.

I think it is intended as a preamble to, and introduction to the need to understand better perspective itself - the default perspective when shooting as it were, mindlessly, and perspective as it needs to be (better) understood when we move from single/normal images to panoramas - of several images. But I have just guessed this.

It might be better to be specific about what you see as the default (normal) perspective mode - the one that photography takes for granted. Then a contrast can be drawn between that and the options now available in APP.


Good morning: impressed that you kept my example of a small hole left within boundary when crop tool applied! [leedsjoe]