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Stitching of a virtual tour image

To generate a virtual tour with the tool Autopano Tour (integrated in Autopano Giga) or even with the simple Flash export of Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga, you first need to stitch the images. Depending on the virtual tour you want to create, you can stitch:

  • Full spherical panoramas, that will cover the whole scene on 360° x 180°.
  • Partially spherical panoramas, that will cover a zone of 360° horizontally and less that 180° vertically. For example, if you do not need the sky or the ceiling (called zenith image) or the ground (called nadir image), you can just shoot a row of photos without the ground and the ceiling.

The best way to shoot the photos if they are meant to be transformed into a virtual tour is to use a fisheye lens, which is a super wide angle lens:

  • For full spherical panoramas, you can cover the whole sphere with 5 to 7 photos.
  • For partially spherical panoramas, 3 to 5 photos are enough, since you do not need the ground and the ceiling.

This tutorial shows you how to use the detection of panoramas from images shot with fisheye lenses. Two important tools are presented to enhance the stitching of such images:

  • The 'image properties' window
  • The circular crop

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