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Share 360 panoramas on Facebook


Facebook has recently announced that they now also support uploading and viewing 360° still images, to be viewed directly on your timeline.
Have a look at Facebook's help page which explains the very simple process.

Create your panorama

Stitch your photos in Autopano Pro / Giga and create a panorama that you can share on Facebook with your family, friends and clients.
Any panorama created with recent versions of Autopano Pro/Giga (from v3.5) are already supported.

To upload your panorama, just drag and drop the image into your status fied:

Upload the image


We have noticed some limitations that aren’t listed:

  • Panoramas mustn’t be too big, Facebook refuses images of more than 30k pixels in any dimension
    • Panoramas shot with the GoPro Hero 4 and an adapted panoramic head are at the ideal size to be published
  • If you’ve edited your panorama after stitching with Autopano, your panorama will be missing the necessary meta-data Facebook requires to detect it is a 360° panorama
    • Some editors have the option “Save XMP data” and “Save Exif data” when saving your edits, if available make sure you check those options
    • Otherwise, you can either copy back the exif data from the original panorama to the new one using exif editors, or you’ll find several other tips online for restoring or recreating metadata that Facebook can detect.

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