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Panotour Pro 1.8 Documentation

Access to the textual documentation Access to the video documentation

  1. Installation and registration
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Supported file format in input
  4. Interface
  5. Project Properties
  6. Panorama Properties
  7. Hotspot Properties
  8. Import/Export Cube Face Images
  9. Preferences
  10. Templates

   Note on local viewing (07/11/2016) In the recent updates of the Flash Player and browsers, local viewing is blocked (black screen). You need to make sure your Flash preferences are correct and up to date for local viewing and/or use a local web server to view correctly such as the KrPano Testing Server.

Panotour Documentation Archives

My first virtual tour
Create a virtual tour step by step
Panotour UI presentation
Discover the Panotour UI
Creating a hotspot
Add and remove hotspots in the hotspot editor
Creating links between panoramas
Linking panoramas
Exporting a virtual tour
The different export options of Panotour Pro
Integrating pictures
Insert pictures in your tour
Transition options
Discover the several transitions available in Panotour
Panotour maps plugin
Learn how to use and personalize the Panotour maps plugin

Technical Support