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Panotour - FAQ - Viewing the tour on a mobile

Viewing & Limitations

How can I view my tour on a mobile?

Our tours are meant to be viewed online.
To view your tour on a mobile, all you have to do is embed your tour on a website, and access that website from your mobile.
You can also access the direct link to your tour from a mobile, as soon as you have hosted it on your webserver.

Can I view my tour offline on a mobile ?

The tour needs a web server to work properly. The virtual tours Panotour creates are not intended for offline viewing.

That being said, there are some solutions:

  • You can use PTViewer. Though there are some limitations.
  • You can also consider using consider using HTML Books, or similar apps (Goodreader is another one).
  • You can place your exported tour into a local network, accessible from a local ip like

Are there any limitations to viewing a tour on a mobile?

Modern mobile devices can only view the HTML5 version of your tour, as they do not support Flash. As well as that, certain mobile operating systems bring their own limitations:

  • iOS
    • Video scenes need iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.0 or higher.
    • Tour sounds that play automatically at the launch of your tour require a user action to start
    • No volume change. Changing the volume of a sound is not allowed on iOS devices.
    • Only one sound can be played at one time. When new sounds or videos play, the new sound will play and the last sound played will automatically be stopped.
    • Can not drag the panorama over a video or Livepano spot (iOS 7.x only, iOS 8.x solves this)
    • PDF Viewer displays only the first page (iOS 8.x - OS issue)
    • On iPhones only, LivePano will be displayed in fullscreen mode and not seamlessly integrated into the sphere. Video spots and display a video will also open fullscreen.
  • Android
    • The gyroscope is extremely unreliable on many Android devices
  • No specific OS
    • Tour videos require a user action to start
    • The .flv and .f4v video formats are Flash video formats, and as such will not work in the HTML5 player.
    • Mobile devices do not support Flash, they use the HTML5 player, any Flash features will not show on mobile. See What is NOT supported in the HTML5 Player?
    • Many mobile devices do not support fullscreen in the HTML5 viewer. For more information see below.
    • Also remember that mobile devices are nowhere near as powerful as computers, so bear that in mind when creating a tour with lots of content.

More information on KrPano's page on HTML5 compatibility.

Troubleshooting on mobiles

Why can't my tour go fullscreen on my mobile?

Fullscreen is not supported in the HTML5 viewer on most mobiles.
See this page to see if your browser/device is compatible with the fullscreen API in the HTML5 player: http://caniuse.com/#feat=fullscreen and activate "Mobile" in the search settings.

You can force the button to show up on your control bar, but it is not guaranteed to make the fullscreen work. See the related forum post: http://www.kolor.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=21831&hilit=fullscreen+mobile

Why can't I go fullscreen on iPhone6(S) & iPhone 6(S) Plus ?

iOS itself doesn't support the HTML5 fullscreen API, so the only way to get a fullscreen mode is the Safari build-in landscape fullscreen mode.
On iPhone 6(S), you can choose between two display resolutions, standard and zoom.

iPhone 6(S) need to be set to standard to enable the built-in fullscreen.
iPhone 6(S) Plus need to be set to zoom mode to enable the built-in fullscreen.

How to : https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203073

Why have some of the buttons of the tour's control bar disappeared on mobile and tablet devices ?

For better experience, Panotour generates a code which removes useless and/or unsupported buttons of the control bar generated for mobile and tablet devices.

Why doesn't my transparent PNG appear on iPhone ?

8 bits PNG won't work. Use only 24 bits PNG files.

Why won't my video show up on mobile ?

Certain formats are not able to be read by mobiles (.flv, .f4v) as they are Flash, and for others the encoding may not be compatible with your device.
It is best to try and re-encode your video for it to be compatible with mobiles. You can use Handbrake (which is open-source software, so it's free) to re-encode your video as a web/mobile compatible mp4 video.

My tour is crashing

Due to memory limits, some big tours can be difficult to display on mobile/tablet devices.
Reduce the size of images for galleries, the amount of pictures hotspots for a working tour.
You can also restart the device (as recommended in any mobile device's manual) to clear cached applications and memory, so that more can be used to view the tour.

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