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Panotour Documentation - Keyboard shortcuts

Here are the few shortcuts available in Panotour and Panotour Pro.

Shortcut Valid in window... Description
Ctrl+O ~ Open a project
Ctrl+S ~ Save your project
Ctrl+Shift+S ~ Save project as...
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S ~ Save project (extended) as...
Saves your project with a copy of all the source files used in the project.
Ctrl+W ~ Close the project
Ctrl+L ~ Import Livepano
Ctrl+B ~ Build your tour
Ctrl+R ~ View last built tour
Shift+B ~ Manage build files
Allows you to manage the files in your built tour (if you've built several
times, adding and removing several components and want to remove
the unused ones to save space) using the Project File Manager
Ctrl+ Z ~ Undo
Ctrl+Y ~ Redo
F1 ~ Help
Alt+1 ~ Switch to the Home tab
Alt+2 ~ Switch to the Tour tab
Alt+3 ~ Switch to the Style tab
Alt+4 ~ Switch to the Build tab
Ctrl+A Tour tab - Main workspace Select all panoramas
Ctrl+ Numpad + Tour tab - Main workspace Zoom in
Ctrl+ Numpad - Tour tab - Main workspace Zoom out
Ctrl+ Numpad 0 Tour tab - Main workspace Zoom 100%
Spacebar + Click Tour tab - Main workspace Move accross the main workspace
Ctrl+ Numpad 0 Tour tab - Hotspot editor Zoom 100%
Ctrl+F Tour tab - Hotspot editor Fullscreen
M Tour tab - Hotspot editor Move
L Tour tab - Hotspot editor Polygon
P Tour tab - Hotspot editor Picture
S Tour tab - Hotspot editor Point
V Tour tab - Hotspot editor Video
C Tour tab - Hotspot editor Crop
W Tour tab - Hotspot Editor Web Content
Left/Right directional arrows Tour tab - Hotspot Editor Previous/Next Scene


  • All shortcuts using Ctrl can be used on a Mac using Cmd instead.
  • "~" means the shortcut isn't bound to a particular window

If you think a shortcut needs to be added, feel free to make it a feature request, specifying a keyboard shortcut that you think would be appropriate to speed up the process.

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