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Panotour - Updates

This page logs all the updates of Kolor Panotour Pro Documentation.

Updates per version

Documentation updates for the new features of each new version

Updates for v2.5

Updates for v2.3

Updates for v2.2

Updates for v2.1

Updates per date

Documentation updates not related to a particular version


  • New tutorial:
    • Quick How To's - 43 mini-tutorials and counting for a quick cheatsheet on how to incorporate and create certain elements in your tour.
  • New plugins:
    • Advanced Debug Info - User-customised version of the Debug plugin with different options
    • Hotspots Visited - Set an alternative hotspot image for visited navigational hotspots in your tour (in the scene and on floorplans and webmaps)
    • Tour Highlights - Create an automatic tour guiding your user through the tour using an invisible hotspot, set a custom speed, zoom and wait time for each spot.


  • New plugin:
    • Nadir/Zenith Navigation - Move forward in your tour by clicking on an icon in the nadir or zenith of your equirectangular panorama.




  • Update of all extra plugins for Panotour Pro 2.5 beta 4.
  • Update of all extra HTML Templates for Panotour Pro 2.5 beta 4.
  • New HTML templates:
    • Find-Pano - to use as a base to add a pano searching feature to your tour
    • Find-Spot - to use as a base to add a spot searching feature to your tour
  • New Plugin:
    • Fov-toggle - Allows you to define actions that will trigger over/under a certain fov on spherical panoramas.
  • Creation of a download archive for all the extras available for Panotour: Panotour Extras Download Archives to find old versions of html templates and plugins in case you are using older versions.


  • Updated Extra Plugins:
    • Circles Control bar plugin with VR Mode and Prev/Next group functions
    • Call actions on tour events plugin updated with "React when the video scene is complete".
  • New HTML Template:
    • Debug - Advanced panorama list for a deeplinking directory of your tour
  • Added actions to download:
    • Call KrPano code
    • Show/Hide specific hotspots


  • Hotspot Editor page separated into 3 specific pages to shorten the page.
  • Updated Extra Plugins:
    • Debug plugin - Lists GroupIDs and shows which panoramas point where, and which panoramas are pointed.


  • Updated extra plugins for KrPano 1.19
    • Pano-Specific Toggle Button
    • Pano-Specific Simple Button
    • Pano-Specific Small Gallery Bar
    • Pano-Specific Rain & Snow





Other updates

Adding virtual tour examples

Spots Styles

Plugin Library


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