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Panotour - Supported file format in input 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     


Panotour supports most image file formats:

Icon attention.png The Grayscale color mode is not supported.

  • JPEG : No particular comment on this file format.
  • TIFF : 8 or 16bits.
  • PNG : 8 or 16bits.
  • PSD : No particular comment on this file format.
  • KRO : File Format for gigapixel images (which can't be saved in other formats because of their size).


An Autopano panorama (Pro or Giga) contains EXIF data in its assembly.
This data especially sets the angular fields and is reinterpreted by Panotour Pro.
So, the angular fields are kept (they are identical to those of the original panorama).

When a panorama does not contain EXIF data, the angular fields are calculated based on one of 2 values (horizontal or vertical, depending on the image's ratio).
This calculation is applied to the following cases:

  • If the panorama uses an assembly software that is different from Autopano.
  • If the panorama has been changed between when it was created with Autopano and imported into Panotour.
  • If the panorama was exported with Autopano in a format that does not issue EXIF data (i.e. .png).

In these cases, a [!] icon (beside the horizontal and vertical fields) indicates that no EXIF data was found, in the Projection tab of the Panorama Properties.
The panorama viewed in the center window also has a Warning icon icon showing the same information.
This quickly lets us know what angular fields need to be verified and/or changed.

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