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Panotour - Project Properties - Behaviour 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     
Behaviour tab

First displayed panorama
Lets you define which panorama will be displayed when a tour is launched.

Start with auto rotation

  • Check or uncheck the box to start or not the tour with auto rotation.
  • Delay: Defines the waiting time (in seconds) between when the user is detected to be inactive and the start of auto rotation.
  • Speed: Defines the rotation speed (in degrees/second).

Splash screen

  • Lets you choose an image that will be displayed while the tour is loading.
  • If a control template with a help button is selected in the Appearance tab, you can choose the help image as the introduction image.
  • Duration: Defines how long the introduction image will be displayed (in seconds). A duration of 0 seconds forces the displayed image to the first click of the mouse when viewing.

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