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Panotour - Project Properties - Appearance 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     
Appearance tab

Lets you select a graphic theme for the virtual tour.
It defines a set of graphical resources (buttons, hotspots, menu elements, etc.), an overall default colour, a default font and a colour for this font.

Lets you change the theme colour (if the theme's author authorizes this type of change).
Clicking on the color thumbnail will open a color palette so that you can change the theme color.
The theme colour will be used to colour the tour's hotspots and control elements.

The margin is the space (in pixels) that will be inserted between the edge of the tour window and the elements making up the tour (map, buttons, etc.).

Controls bar

  • Template: Defines the elements displayed in the tour so that they can be checked (navigation, zoom, full screen, self-rotation, help).
    • Lets you choose a control bar template.
    • Select a template to view a preview of it.
    • The color of the control elements is the same as the theme color.

Help images are proposed for the "help button"of the control models.
To select a personalized image, click on "Others...".

Contains the settings relative to the texts that may appear in your virtual tour, such as the Info bubbles texts.

Progress bar
Selects the type of animation seen when loading the tour.

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