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Panotour - Preferences


Preferences window opened by going through the Edit menu.


Panotour Preferences - Performances
  • Temporary Folders: Panotour needs disk space to work properly.

    - Enter the path to the primary temporary folder by clicking on select button.
    - Enter the path to the secondary temporary folder by clicking on select button. If you have several disks on your system, it is recommended to set the secondary temp folder on another disk.

  • Memory Used: Move the cursor or enter manually the maximum amount of memory that Panotour can use. Requires Panotour restart to take effect.
  • Number of CPU: Here is a summary of your processor name and features. You can tweak Panotour settings by changing the number of available cores. For best performances, it is recommended to leave it as is. Requires Panotour restart to take effect.
  • 3D View: Checkbox to enable or not the 3D view. Checked by default, useful to uncheck it for low performance computers.


Panotour Preferences General
  • Language: Select the user interface language with the drop-down menu. Requires you to restart Panotour to take effect.
  • Theme: Select the user interface theme with the drop-down menu.

    - Use System File Browser: Checkbox to use or not the file browser of your operating system.

  • Reset UI: Click this button to reset all windows and docks positions. Requires Panotour restart to take effect.
  • Map Keys: Some Maps providers require an API key to be used in Panotour. Enter these keys below.

    - Bing: Enter your Bing API key here. Learn more at how to get an API key for Bing Maps here.

  • Backup file

    - Save a backup file on each save: Tick this option for a backup save file to be created every time you save.
    - The backup files are date and time stamped. (example: MyProject-2015-02-02-14-29.kpt.backup)
    - The backup files are placed in the same folder as the original project file.
    - To open a backup file, edit the file's name to remove .backup. (example: MyProject-2015-02-02-14-29.kpt)

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