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Panotour - Notions - Hosting on Amazon S3


Amazon Servers are a good hosting solution for your virtual tours. The first year is free (where you can access and test all their services) and after the year is up you pay for what you use. More info here and here.
This page will explain how to set up and host your tours on Amazon Simple Storage Servers (Amazon S3) by linking to the appropriate Amazon documentation.

Also have a look at this relevant documentation once you have set up your hosting:

Important Notes:

  • The information on this page was correct at the time it was created.
  • We are not partnered with Amazon, and again, this only serves as an example of hosting. You are obviously free to use your own or look for other providers.
  • Kolor does not provide support for Amazon Servers.

Setting up the hosting

Set up your bucket

   Go to the management console

Uploading the files

Uploading your files

Accessing the files

Viewing the tour

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