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Panotour - Interface - Tour Properties 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     

The property windows affect all items selected from the central window. Some fields can be directly changed via the graphical tools previously presented.
If nothing is selected, these windows are inactive. When numerous elements are selected, the properties that differ are displayed in gray but can still be edited.

Tour Properties

The tour properties are divided into 3 tabs, documented in 3 different parts:

All of the tour property tabs contain tools that let you save or reset certain previously defined settings.
Not all of the settings can be saved. This includes the image size or angular fields because these parameters differ for each image.

Set as default parameters icon Set as default parameters

Lets you save certain property settings from the current properties tab so that they can be used again for future projects.

Restore default parameters icon Restore default parameters

Returns to the last saved state. At the first use, the parameters are set at the application's default settings.

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