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Panotour - Interface - Toolbar 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     

Panotour Pro toolbar

Open project icon Open project

Lets you open a file project (.kpt).

Save project icon Save project

The virtual tour project files have the ".kpt" extension. The following choices can be accessed by clicking on the small arrow on the right of the icon:

  • Save the project
Save the project in the same place as the last update.
If this is the first time it is saved, Panotour launches "Save the project as...".
  • Save the project as...
Opens a folder browser so that you can give the project a name and indicate where it will be saved.
  • Save the project (extended) as...
Same function as "Save the project as...". Panotour also creates a file with the same name as the project and puts all the elements used to create the project here.
This is useful when you want to transfer your completed project on a third party support (USB key, hard disk, CD, etc.) so that you can open it on another machine.

Close project icon Close project

Lets you close a project (.kpt).

Undo icon Redo icon Undo/Redo

Lets you undo/redo editing actions.

Add panorama icon Add panorama

Lets you add one or more panoramas to the current project. Panotour will display this panorama (or these panoramas) in the center window.

Build tour icon Build tour

Lets you export the virtual tour in flash format (.swf). Clicking on the small arrow to the right of the icon gives access to the following choices:

  • Build tour
Saves the virtual tour at the same location as the last backup.
If this is the first time it is saved, Panotour launches "Build tour as...".
  • Build tour as...
Opening a folder browser lets you select the location to save the virtual tour.

View last built tour icon View last built tour

Lets you see the last imported project (providing you have associated the corresponding application in advance via your file browser).

Help icon Contextual help

Click on this icon to activate the tool. Click on the desired icon to view information regarding its use.

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