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Panotour - Interface - Hotspot Editor 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     


The hotspot editor is the workspace that allows you to add hotspots and to adjust the field of view of the different panoramas.
A panorama is viewed in the hotspot editor when it is selected in the central window.


Hotspot Editor


Hotspot Editor toolbar

Select icon Select

  • Click and drag the panorama to move the view of the preview.
  • This lets you select the hotspots (but they cannot be moved).
  • You can obtain a full screen by double clicking.

When the "space" key is held, the Select tool is automatically activated no matter what tool is currently being used.

Fullscreen icon Fullscreen

Displays the full screen preview:

  • If the window is floating, it will use the screen to which it belongs.
  • If the window is docked, it uses a different screen from where the application is located (if possible).

Add polygon icon Add polygon

Traces a hotspot defined by several points (3 minimum). Each click adds a point to the polygon being traced.
When the last point is close to first, the polygon is automatically closed and added as a hotspot to the panorama.
The traced lines automatically adapt to the deformations applied in the panorama. The outlines of objects distorted by the spherical projection will then be easily drawn.

Add rectangle icon Add rectangle

Same principle as the polygonal hotspot, limited to 4 points. The tracing of the 4th point is automatically oriented so that the polygon drawn is a perfect rectangle in the virtual tour.
It has different properties from other hotspots and lets you display video content.
The points tracing order induces the orientation of the displayed object in the tour.
For a standard display, you must enter the first point at the top left and continue clockwise.

Add point icon Add point

Each click adds a point type hotspot to the position indicated by the mouse.

Add Lens flare  icon Add Lens flare

Each click will add a lens reflection effect to the position indicated by the mouse.

Crop icon Crop

Limits the visible area of the panorama to the final rendering.

Previous icon Previous

Lets you select the previous panorama (according to the order in which the panoramas were added to a project).

Next icon Next

Lets you select the next panorama (according to the order in which the panoramas were added to a project).

Display and edition area


The panorama selected in the center window displays here.
It is possible to zoom into the window via the mouse wheel and move in the edit box using the arrow keys.
These actions are also available when editing an item.


To edit an element, the corresponding tool must be selected (from the toolbar).
When the elements can be edited they are yellow, when the can not be edited they are black.

Polygonal hotspot selection example Hotspot point selection example

When an element is editable, you can:

  • Adjust the position of a point by dragging and dropping.
  • Delete it via the contextual menu (right click) or with the "delete" key.

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