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Panotour - Hotspot Properties - Link 180

     This documentation is for version 1.8     

The "Link" group links the hotspot to an event that is triggered when clicking on it.
Assigning a link to a hotspot will not change its appearance.
Only one type of link can be specified per hotspot.

Link frame

This lets you connect a hotspot to one of the tour's panoramas. This function has the same affect as when a hotspot is connected to a panorama in the center window.
This link can be seen in the central window (an arrow links a hotspot to the panorama). If the link has already been made in the center window, the name of the connected panorama shows here.

  • Transition: This lets you assign an animated transition to a link. Clicking on the list to select one of the proposed transitions allows for different combinations according to the panorama or hotspot default view parameters defined in the 3D editor.
  • The Yaw, Pitch and Fov define the default view of the connected panorama. These are the same settings found in the Default view part of the View tab.

This lets you connect a hotspot to an internet address.

  • The address must be complete: http://www.my-website.com/
  • A combobox opens after validation (Enter key), the URL link will open accordingly to the selected behaviour in the combobox.
    • Open in a new window
    • Open in a current frame in the current window
    • Open in the parent of the current frame
    • Open in the top-level frame in the current window

This lets you connect a hotspot to an object (image, video, sound, etc.).

  • Use the Select icon to open a file browser. Here you can choose the file that you want to use as the object.
  • The Remove icon lets you delete the selection if it is not suitable. This will not influence the source file in any way.
  • The types of supported objects are:
    • Images
    • Flash, animations (*.swf)
  • Position: This lets you place an object in the tour window.
    • The green dot indicates the position of the object in the tour window.
    • Click on one of the other 4 points to change the position.
  • Width/Height: This lets you change the size of the html page.
    • If the two values are null, the HTML page will take a third of the tour's size (in width and height).
    • If one of the 2 values is not null, the fixed value will be used as a base to calculate the null value in accordance with the image's ratio.
    • If you complete these 2 values, Panotour Pro will force these values but this could distort the image.
    • These values can be added as pixels (fixed size forced) or as a percentage (the size of the virtual tour's display area).

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