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Panotour - FAQ - Viewing the tour online (desktop)

Viewing functionalities

How to force the display of the tour in Flash viewer or in HTML5 viewer version ?

Add ?html5=VALUE at the end of URL where VALUE is:

  • auto for automatic selection of the viewer.
    • For example http://www.yoururl.com/?html5=auto or http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?html5=auto
  • never for the Flash viewer to be used.
    • For example http://www.yoururl.com/?html5=never or http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?html5=never
  • prefer for the HTML5 viewer when possible.
    • For example http://www.yoururl.com/?html5=prefer or http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?html5=prefer
  • only to enforce the HTML5 viewer.
    • For example http://www.yoururl.com/?html5=only or http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?html5=only

VALUE prefer and only also support the add of +css3d for the CSS3D player or +webgl for the WebGL player.

How does deep linking work in Panotour Pro ?

Deep linking allows to go directly to the panorama view and zoom you wish. You can achieve this by adding some variables to the URL. For example your deep linked URL looks like http://www.yoururl.com/?s=pano425&h=-104&v=-9&f=67 or http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?s=pano425&h=-104&v=-9&f=67&skipintro=true&norotation=true

The variable «s» can be retrieved in Picture/Panorama Properties > Name, click on info icon and get the panorama ID. In this example, panorama ID is «pano425».

Panorama Informations

  • startscene or s is the panorama identifier name.
  • h is the horizontal looking direction (-180 to +180).
  • v is the vertical looking direction (-90 to +90).
  • f is the current field of view in degrees (0.0 to 179.0). Depending on its value, this variable may have no effect if Limit to image resolution checkbox is checked.
  • skipintro is an option to skip the little planet effect and/or the splash screen introduction.
  • norotation is an option to stop autorotation. Usefull if your tour is build with autorotation on startup.

Troubleshooting online viewing

Fullscreen doesn't work

If your tour is included into an <iframe> tag, the allowfullscreen attribute must be added.

<iframe ... allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

If your tour is exported as HTML5 only, make sure your browser is up to date, and see this page to see if your browser/device is compatible with the fullscreen API in the HTML5 player: http://caniuse.com/#feat=fullscreen

Viewing the tour isn't smooth

This is due to the incorporation of the Flash Player and HTML5 plugins above it. To remedy this, try adding ?html5=prefer to the end of your URL. Doing this will force the viewer in HTML5 first, but have Flash as a fallback in case the browser does not support HTML5.

Rotation should be much smoother because there won't be the interaction between those two components.

You can edit the tour's html file to that setting so that you won't have to modify your URL, simply follow the instructions here.

Some plugins are not displayed or interfere with the fullscreen mode

Some browsers don't support the HTML5 fullscreen API (see https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/fullscreen/raw-file/tip/Overview.html).
For these browsers the HTML5 plugins (see why are some plugins missing when viewing the tour from the file system directly?) are not displayed in full screen mode. These browsers include IE10 and earlier versions, Safari 6 and earlier versions.

Tour and video (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, kolor eyes) in fullscreen concurrency

Panotour Pro generates a tour which is compliant with the Fullscreen HTML5 API. But the videos providers as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and KolorEyes use also this technology to display video in fullscreen mode. So when using Video Fullscreen, the fullscreen event can broke the tour fullscreen until the video is closed.

Some plugins appear always over other plugins even with the plugins order have been defined

Yes, the HTML5 plugins are always displayed over the others plugins. You can order all plugins but the ordered HTML5 plugins will be always over the standard plugins. HTML5 plugins concerned are:

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