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Panotour - FAQ - Viewing the tour offline

Viewing and Players

How to launch a tour locally from a desktop computer without PTP ?

There are two easy solutions at the moment, our offline tour solution that is in development, consider using Panotour Viewer, or by using the KrPano Testing Server.

How to use Panotour Viewer

Panotour Viewer (PTV / PTViewer) allows you to build your tour into a single file, which can then be opened by our free viewer on any desktop computer.

You will be able to find the full documentation concerning Panotour Viewer here.

1. Build your tour, making sure that you have checked "export as .PTV file".

2. Download Panotour Viewer for desktop.

3. Install it.

4. Launch PTViewer.

5. Drag and drop your .ptv file(s) into PTViewer. If it's a single file it will launch automatically in your browser, and if there are several .ptvs you can scroll through the list as you wish.

6. Click on the tour's thumbnail in the center of the window to launch the tour.

Drag and Drop the files

How to use the krpano Testing Server

The krpano Testing Server is a small, simple and easy-to-use static-file localhost server available for Mac and Windows users. Other computers and devices in the local network will be able to view the files. Additionally it's possible to control the browser caching and to limit the download-speed to simulate and test slower Internet-connections. (Related forum post)
You can also use the KrPano Testing Server to set up your tour on a CD, DVD, USB Key, etc...

1. Download KRPano Testing Server

2. Double click on the package to extract files from the package

3. Launch the krpano testing server file

4. Krpano Tesing Server is now lauched

5. Click «Browse» to select the export folder

6. Click on the local network address set up by krpano Testing Server

7. The tour will launch in your default browser

How does the virtual tour work locally with Flash and HTML5 ?

1. The Basics

  • Exported tours from Panotour don't work if launched directly from your file explorer.
  • The tour must always be launched from the HTML file outside of the data folder. If you built your tour with Flash incorporated, launching the .swf in the data folder will not work.
  • A local web server is needed to browse the tour properly. That's what Panotour 2 does when you launch the View last built tour function. You see the URL starting by: http://localhost:....... in your browser.
  • It is possible to launch a tour without Panotour started, see How to launch a tour locally from a desktop computer ?

2. About the Flash player

  • If you built your tour with Flash, then launching the tour with the .HTML file of your tour, on a webserver or with the View Last Built Tour button, it will start in the Flash player automatically.
  • When using the Flash viewer locally/offline, then the External Interface of the Flash player is disabled for security reasons by default.
  • When using the Flash player 'online', that means when running the Flash player on a http:// address (or localhost server), then the external interface is always available.
  • The External Interface is necessary and important for:
    • Javascript access to and from the viewer.
    • Opening externals URLs.
  • To change the Flashplayer security settings, see the Krpano page on http://krpano.com/docu/localusage/#changesecuritysettings

3. About the HTML5 viewer

  • How to test:
    • Use the HTML5 setting as URL parameter
    • Or add and enable the passQueryParameters setting in the HTML:embedpano({...., passQueryParameters:true});
  • Enter the tour URL and add ?html5=only as parameter. For example tour.html?html5=only

About Google Chrome For local testing, Chrome doesn't allow reading local files for security reasons by default. To enable that for testing add --allow-file-access-from-files as application parameter. See more at http://www.chrome-allow-file-access-from-file.com/
Note about Internet Explorer (10 and higher) For local testing, the IE Browser doesn't allow reading local files for security reasons by default. For local testing the security settings of the browser need to be changed.

4. Panotour localhost
The Start last render icon View the last build tour button of Panotour loads a localhost server which gives you the ability to display a tour without security limitations.

For the Flash viewer

For the HTML5 viewer by default

For the HTML5 viewer WebGL

For the HTML5 viewer CSS3D

Troubleshooting offline viewing

Why aren't some of my updates showing up when I view the tour?

This is most likely due to a browser cache problem.
Try a hard reload (Ctrl+F5), emptying your cache or copying the localhost link into another browser.

Why is the tour showing an error viewing the tour from the file system directly?

See Why are some plugins missing when viewing the tour from the file system directly?

Why are some plugins missing or online content blocked when viewing the tour from the file system directly?

The tours are made to be viewed online.

To operate correctly, the tour must be delivered via a web server, otherwise some features including plugins and web access (links, web maps..) are blocked by your browsers security settings. Some of Panotour and Panotour Pro's plugins are HTML5 plugins, using Javascript to work in the Flash tour, which also require a web server to function correctly,

Panotour hosts a local server for tour testing that you can use with View last build tour Start last render icon interface button: the tour is delivered via a lightweight built-in web server (as you will see from the localhost: URL shown in your browser address bar).

The concerned HTML5 plugins are:

See alternatives to Panotour to launch your tour locally.

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