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Panotour - Export Cube Faces

Logo-Panotour-Pro-2010.png Panotour Pro only    This feature is available only in the pro version of Panotour.

Export Cube Faces Menu

In Panotour you can export cube faces from selected panoramas.

  1. Go to File > Export > Cube Faces.
  2. Export Panoramas selection window. Dark grey are selected, light grey are not selected. In this window, only panoramas loaded in full resolution are displayed.
  3. Select a Folder in which selected panoramas cube faces will be exported, clicking on select button
  4. Save: Click to export the selected cube faces.
  5. Cancel: Click to cancel operation and go back to your project.

360x180 images only - This feature only works with full spherical 360° x 180° panoramas.
Full Resolution Required - To export panoramas, all the selected panoramas must have been loaded in full resolution from the Hotspot Editor.

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