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Panogear - Installation

Motorize panoramic head

3 panogear cover.jpg
  • Screw your motorized head to the tripod. Remove the motor's protective cover, located next to the level. To do so, press the black button located under the front of the cover. Pull gently up and then out on the cover.

4 panogear remove battery.jpg
  • Once the cover is removed, take out the two AA battery compartments. Insert your battery connector in place of the AA battery compartment. Make sure to clip them in.

5 panogear adapter.jpg
  • While inserting the connector, you may need to apply a bit of pressure to give it a slightly curved shape.

6 panogear put battery.jpg
  • Insert the ion batteries under the battery contacts; make sure to keep the ion batteries spread apart. Put the cover back on by pushing again on the black button to secure it in place.

7 panogear fix camera.jpg
  • Fasten your camera on the straight or L-bracket. Insert the straight or L-bracket into the crown of your motorized head and adjust it as shown in the adjacent image.

8 panogear rail.jpg
  • Attach the straight bracket to the L-bracket using the fixation screw. Certain lenses and telephoto lenses include a tripod attachment. Attached it directly on the straight bracket to benefit from an enhanced stability thanks to a better balanced load and from the possibility to move more freely.

9 panogear plug.jpg
  • Use the trigger cable from the pack to connect your camera to the motorized head. To do so, connect one end of the cable to the head's SNAP jack and the other to your camera's "Remote" jack then connect your touch control panel or Bluetooth transmitter/receiver on the “AUX” jack.

Do not use simultaneously several piloting modes.

Driving option n°1: Panoshoot module

  • Insert your Panoshoot RJ-11 connector into the assigned Panogear auxiliary port (AUX).
  • Power up the Panogear. Then, you are able to see the Wi-Fi (Panoshoot-xxxxx) on your mobile device or computer.
  • Once connected to the Panoshoot Wi-Fi, open your browser (prefer Google Chrome for a better compatibility) and type either www.panoshoot.com or the default IP and press Enter to see the user interface.

Driving option n°2: Touch control panel (no longer sold)

10 touch control usb.jpg
  • Connect the controller to your computer using your mini-USB cable. Your controller displays "USB;" but the screen does not light up.
  • If you have not downloaded the touch control panel "Panorama" app, download it from our download page on that website: http://www.papywizard.org/.
  • Once downloaded, launch the installation by clicking on the file named "setup.exe" and follow the instructions until the end of the installation process.
    • You must have the Microsoft .Net 2.0 extension or higher to be able to install the software.
    • If you receive an error message, download and install the extension for free from the Microsoft website: www.microsoft.com/downloads.

Driving option n°3: Papywizard (bluetooth module no longer sold)

With the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, you can control the motorized head wirelessly with the Papywizard software. This software functions with Windows, Mac (Mac OS X Mountain Lion not supported), and Linux. A free download is available on our website.

Please go to the forum dedicated to this software if you have problems during installation: http://www.autopano.net/forum.

Connect your Bluetooth transmitter/receiver to the AUX jack on the motorized head then turn it on. (Once connected, the receiver should begin to blink).

The protective cover of your motorized head must be on

Under Windows

11 connection plugins en.jpg
  • Plug the USB Bluetooth dongle on your computer.
  • Open Papywizard. You will find the configuration dialog on Papywizard's main screen. Here you can access the application settings. For now, we are going to focus on the "Hardware" tab.
  • Click on hardware, then choose in the sub-tab: “Plugins…” A window appears.
  • Choose Merlin-Orion/ bluetooth as shown on the picture then click on “Drivers”.

We strongly recommend not to check the "Automatic connection" option to avoid Papywizard start up to be blocked due to the absence of a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver

12 connection pilotes en.jpg
  • Click on choose... A window appears.
  • Select your Bluetooth interface from the suggested list then click on OK. Click on OK again. The connection configuration is finished.
  • Now, all you need to do is click "Connect..." on the Hardware menu to launch connection through the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. (Papywizard will display "Connected" at the bottom of the window).
  • Press one of the Papywizard arrows to begin moving the motorized head. Papywizard ask for the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver password: Enter 1234, and validate.

Under Mac

14 connection preference systeme en.jpg
  • Go on Apple/System Preferences ou Applications/Utilities/System Preferences.
  • Select the Bluetooth icon.
if the icon does not appear, that means that the Mac is not supporting Bluetooth.
In this case, plug the provided Bluetooth dongle on a USB port and restart).

15 connection bluetooth en.jpg

A window appears:

  • Check “On”
  • Do not check “Discoverable”
  • click on “Set Up New Device…”.
  • A window Bluetooth Setup Assistant appears, wait for the text “PapyMerlin” to appear.
  • Select “PapyMerlin” then click on “Continue”.

17 connection assistant bluetooth 2 en.jpg

On the error message which appears:

  • click on “Passcode Options…”
18 connection code en.jpg
  • Choose: “Use a specific passcode”
  • Indicate : 1234 then click on "OK".

  • Wait, a window appears indicating the success of the operation
  • Close the window.

19 connection bluetooth en.jpg

On the main “Bluetooth” window:

  • Select the text “Papymerlin”.
  • Click on the small wheel and choose “Show more information”.
  • Click again then choose “add to favorites”.
  • Click again to choose “Edit Serial Ports”.

20 connection papymerlin en.jpg
  • Select then copy the text highlighted in blue on the screenshot (cmd+C).
  • Cancel the window then close all.

21 connection plugins en.jpg
  • Start Papywizard.
  • Click on “Hardware” -> “Plugins”.
  • Select “Merlin-Orion” ->”serial”.
22 connection pilotes en.jpg
  • Click on “Drivers”; paste the previously copied text (cmd+V) in “Serial port”. Do not check “Auto-connect”.
  • Click on “OK” to validate.

  • Click on « Connect » in the main menu. Wait a while.

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