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Multiple focal length stitching


You want to shot giant pictures? But only need details in particular areas ? This tutorial will show you how to stitch images shot with diffferent focal lengths.

Example 1 : 50mm & 200mm stitching

The Shooting

  • Equipment: Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-200 VR II
  • Number of images: 13 photos of the sky at 50 mm and 115 photos of the mountain at 200 mm

Due to the size of the Nikon D5100 sensor, the resultant focal length is 78 mm for the sky and 300 mm for the mountain (1.5x factor).

The Shooting

Import & detection

Just drag & drop your images in Autopano, as usual. As you see it indicates the range of the focal length of your pictures :

The Shooting

Launch the detection with all default parameters. In this case we have increased the "Detection quality" to "High" in the detection settings because of the small overlapping.

Note that for the detection of control points between two images, their focal length ratio have to be 4 or less, i.e. : 200 mm and 50 mm, 200/50=4 -> OK


Here is the result of mixing multiple focal lengths.


(Some images have been deleted due to an exaggerated overlapping.)

Click on the preview icon and set the priority to "Long focal" in the blend setttings. This will indicate the anti-ghost to prefer your long focal pictures in the areas of overlapping between different focals.

Long focal vs ghost priority


In the render window make sure that the render size is set to 100%, if you want to exploit all the details of your pictures.

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