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Kolor Eyes iOS - User Manual


Kolor Eyes is a free 360 video player app rendering spherical videos with pixel accurate projection algorithms. The user can choose different camera viewpoints anytime through touch gestures or device motion controls. More than a player, it's the perfect browser designed for Kolor 360 video hosting website ( Service no longer available).
This documentation concerns Kolor Eyes iOS from version 2.0


To install the app, launch App Store, then search for "Kolor Eyes" or browse to Kolor Eyes Appstore page. Once on the app page, click on the install button.

Application preferences

Application preferences and default settings are gathered into iOS Settings app. Exit Kolor Eyes app to launch it, then browse to Kolor Eyes in applications list to set your own preferences.




Any iPad (since version 2) or iPhone (since version 4S) running iOS 8.x.

Media compatibility

Kolor Eyes is able to play any video that your device natively supports. Apple devices usually accept video files in mp4 or m4v, containers with h264 video streams and aac audio streams.
A quick test to determine if a video is playable in Kolor Eyes is to try to play it with the native Videos app.

As an example, the last generation of devices are able to play video up to 1920x1440 @60fps. Check your own device specifications on Apple website to find what you can play or not.


Video wall screen

When launching Kolor Eyes app, user lands on main screen presenting scrollable wall of video items. Content displayed depends on the current type of video gallery and network reachibility.

  • Public video gallery (available when network is reachable)
  • Private video gallery (available when network is reachable and user has connected to his eyes.kolor.com account)
  • Local video gallery (always available)

Public and private galleries can be sorted either by upload date (tap 'Recent' button in left menu to display last added first) or more viewed (tap 'Popular' button in left menu to display most viewed first).

User can scroll vertically to load more content into the gallery and launch a video by tapping twice on the desired item. Single tap on an item will display more information about the content.


Network access

Video content coming from eyes.kolor.com is streamed over the current data connexion (wifi or cellular network). We recommend switching device connection to wifi network when reachable as data amount can become substantial and video bitrates important. When no network is reachable, Kolor Eyes can only display local video gallery. All buttons related to remote media content are removed from left menu.

Public video gallery

When network is reachable, all videos hosted on eyes.kolor.com exposed as public are listed into this gallery. Tap 'Public videos' button in left menu to fill wall view with public video gallery. Theses videos demonstrate Kolor Eyes capabilities and let you enjoy your first immersive experience.

Local video gallery

User may also add his own videos to play them. Apple iTunes is required to add videos into Kolor Eyes. Once installed on your computer, plug in your device, launch iTunes and select your device.
Choose Apps tab, scroll down to File Sharing. Click on Kolor Eyes to select the app, then use add button or drag/drop your files into the Documents area to make them available in Kolor Eyes app.

File sharing
Once logged into his account, user can download his own videos to the local gallery. To do this, open video details screen by tapping once on a video item from private video gallery, and press download button.

Private video gallery

When network is reachable, user can log into his eyes.kolor.com account to browse his own private content. Tap 'log in' button to display log in screen and enter your credentials. If you don't already own an account, please visit http://eyes.kolor.com to sign in and access the hosting service ( Service no longer available). Once logged in, tap 'Your videos' button in left menu to fill wall view with your private video gallery. Tap 'Log out' button to sign out from your account.


Once credentials your account is connected, left menu is updated and Your videos button lets you display your private video content.


Player interface

Once a video item has been tapped, player is launched and video begins to play. Player interface consists in 3 main views:

  • info view (left side)
  • player view (center part)
  • projection view (right side)

Bottom bar

Kolor Eyes has a simple and intuitive interface with common video player controls.

From left to right:

  1. Play/pause button
  2. Gyroscope activation button (turn on/off to change camera control mode)
  3. Media timeline (drag/drop slider thumb to change playing time)
  4. MENU

Bottom bar includes INFO button to show and hide left panel with video details. Button with glasses icon enables HMD screen split to use iPhone as a screen in a Head Mounted Display device.

Top bar

Top bar contains navigation button to quit player and return to last video gallery screen. on Ipad there is a 3 bars button show or hiding info view on the left of the screen.

Projection menu

Open projection menu by tapping MENU button in bottom bar. When projection menu is opened, tap on desired projection button to update the player view. A long press will set the projection as new default. Default projection is also settable in iOS settings app.

Kolor Eyes allows user to immerse into 360 video footage with different view projections for unique experiences.

  • Source: spherical video is displayed without wrapping
  • Planar (rectilinear): standard immersion mode, user is located at the center of the spherical world
  • Little planet: the world is wrapped around a little planet. Stunning effect !
  • Mirror ball: the world is wrapped aroung a reflective ball.


HMD Head Mounted Display support

Kolor Eyes player has been designed to support HMD devices on iPhone version. Use glasses button in bottom bar to enable or disable HMD support. Once enabled, bottom bar displays a new button for setting media type:

  • 2D: input file is 2D, same image for left and right eyes
  • 3D SBS: input file is 3D side by side, video frames are splitted vertically. Left eye content is the left part of the frames, and right eye content is the right part.
  • 3D OU: input file is 3D over under, video frames are splitted horizontally. Left eye content is the top part of the frames, and right eye content is the bottom part.

When HMD is enabled, gyro is enabled, player is locked in planar projection and lateral panels are not available anymore. Loop media playing default setting is recommended to play a media several times in a raw without needing some user action.


Player default settings

Settings related to video player are listed in Player preferences category.

  • Default projection
  • Default gyroscope state
  • Loop media playing
  • 3D channels inverted
  • iPhone only HMD enabled by default
  • iPhone only Default media type

Camera control

During video playback, the user is the director of his own experience. He can choose what he wants to see in the whole scene with some gestures on the screen or by moving the device if device motion control is enabled.

Move camera
Drag the screen to move camera orientation in any direction

Pinch the screen with two fingers to change camera zoom level

Additional gestures:

  • Tap the screen once to show or hide top/bottom bars
  • Tap the screen twice to toggle play/pause state

Technical Support / Kolor Eyes Documentation