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Known issues


This page lists all the known issues with Autopano Video v2.2
If a problem is not defined there, feel free to contact the Kolor Technical Support via our support forum.

On Mac and Windows

  • Rendering high FPS footages
    • If the FPS of your source videos are higher than 60fps, you will not be able to render the video with the FPS of your original video. You will get a memory leak which can make the application crash.
      Choose FPS: as preset option in the render window

  • Application crashes during startup on some Windows 10
    • We are not able to reproduce this issue on our own Windows 10 configurations. So, we cannot offer any workaround or solution yet.

  • Stitch and patch
    • If you have added a patch (a still image) you cannot reuse the stitching tool of AVP. If you want to stitch again a part of the timeline, you must re-optimize with APG (so you can’t use the range stitching for improving a part of a project)

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