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APT v1.0 Hotspots editor window

The panorama currently selected in the Central window is automatically displayed in the Hotspot Editor window.



Move pan.png Move mode: if the considered panorama extends over 180 degrees a gray out area will appear in order to prevent creating hotspot covering more than 180 degrees.
  • The relocation of the editing zone (non gray out area) is performed by left click/hold/move the editing zone using the mouse.
  • A double-click on the image will toggle the full screen mode on.

The move mode is also activated by maintaining the keyboard spacebar down while using another tool.

Move full.png Full screen mode: toggles the full screen mode on.
  • If the panel is floating the window will use the monitor it’s displayed on.
  • If the panel is docked the window will (if available) use a different monitor than the one used by the software window.
Hotspot polygonal.png Polygonal hotspot tool: each mouse click will add a point to the current polygon. When the last point you create is close enough to the first point the polygon will be automatically closed and added to the panorama as a new hotspot.

The edges created between two construction points are bents to match the panorama’s projection. This allow for a proper display of the hotspots after the 3D projection when visualizing the resulting virtual tour.

Hotspot image.png Point hotspot tool: each mouse click will add a point hotspot at the mouse’s current location.
Lensflare.png Lens fare tool: each mouse click will add a lens flare effect at the mouse’s current location.
Back.png Previous: select the previous panorama (in the order they were added to the project)
Forward.png Next: select the next panorama (in the order they were added to the project)


The gray out areas of a panorama indicate area where it is impossible to create a hotspot. These areas only appear if the panorama covers a FOV larger than 180 degrees. For punctual objects (point hotspot or lens flare) these areas are not relevant thus they are not displayed.

According to the current mode, editable objects are displayed in yellow while objects that cannot be edited are displayed in white.

The shape of the polygonal hotspots automatically adjusts to the panorama’s projection curvature. It will then be very easy to draw the outlines of objects distorted by a spherical projection.

Note: Do not get mixed up between the Move mode allowing you to move the editing area and the use of the keyboard arrow keys allowing you to move around inside the editing area itself.


When an object can be edited it is possible to:

  • adjust the location of a point using the drag rand drop technique (in order to be able to edit a polygon its entire surface must be located within the editing area).
  • delete it using the contextual menu (right-click)


It is possible to zoom in and out the window using the mouse scroll wheel and to move around inside the editing area using the keyboard arrow keys. These features are also available when drawing a hotspot. writing jobs