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GoPro VR Player - Leap Motion


  • Plug the Leap Motion Controller into your computer’s USB slot.
  • Be sure you have installed the Leap Motion Controller software. We recommend to use the v2 (Orion isn't supported). You can find the software on Leap Motion’s website: https://www.leapmotion.com/setup/desktop
  • Check the Leap Motion Controller state icon in GoPro VR Player.
  • You can enable or disable ghost hand in preferences
  • Camera Control: Place your hand, palm down, above the Leap Motion Controller and move your hand to adjust the camera. You can also transform the video projection to a little planet using two hands (cf. Utilization).


Reference frame

Reference frame

Make sure your Leap Motion Controller is parallel to the screen.

Proper hand placement

Good hand position: hand over the Leap Motion Controller, palm down.

Good hand placement

Poor hand position: palm face to the screen or on the side (unless performing certain gestures (e.g. Clap))

Poor hand placement Poor hand placement

Warning: Modifying the camera (yaw, pitch, etc.) with other devices like a keyboard or mouse may interfere with the Leap Motion Controller

Advice: If you feel the detection isn’t ideal, remove your hand from above the Leap Motion Controller and place it back above the controller palm down. 

Common gesture to control camera

  • Move camera: place your hand above the Leap Motion Controller, palm open. Move your hand in any direction to control the camera.


Advice: For better precision, always keep your hand palm open and faced above the Leap Motion Controller.

  • Stop Camera Movement: Make a fist. The camera movement will stop and you can remove your hand from the Leap Motion Controller’s field of view.


  • Play/Pause: Clap your hands once.


Advice: It's more effective to slowly clap by bringing your hands together.

  • Seek: Twirl your index finger in a circle like you’re rewinding an old cassette tape. Twirl clockwise to jump forward and counter clockwise to jump back. The radius of the circle influences the step jump size.


Advice: Detection is best when pointing directly at the screen.

  • Zoom: Using two hands, point both of your index fingers at the screen. Moving your fingers away from each other will zoom in on the scene, while bringing them closer together will zoom out.


Advice: Try to keep your fingers at the same depth when performing the zoom action for best results.

Advanced control

  • Hold the little planet (only in GoPro projection):
    • Align your hands with the horizon (horizon depend of actually pitch value).


    • Then you can turn your hands like if you want to curve the horizon.


  • Turn the little planet: You can make the planet turn by turning your hands around the planet.


Head-mounted mode

It's possible to use the Leap Motion with an oculus rift (DK1 and DK2). You just have to plug both devices and activate it to get in [oculus + leap] mode. Then open the option windows to choose between the two oculus mode: Leap Motion Controller head-mounted or Leap Motion Controller on desk. In this mode, you can make the play/pause gesture and seek gesture. There is also a new gesture, which permit to play the next video (when you have dropped more than one video in KolorEyes). You have to swipe with your hand.


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