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This small freeware is a helper to convert / cut big panoramas created with Autopano Pro. It was created for making the 13 gigapixel Harlem panorama but it can be of some help to anybody. So here it is.

So what does GigaTiler. It can be used to cut a big file into smaller part. It can be used to export directly to hdview format.


Adobe Photoshop Files (.psd or .psb) 8 bit color depth only

Cuter function


This is easy to use :

  • width of the smaller piece
  • height of the smaller piece
  • Fixed : size is exact and if the last chunk is too small, it will be completed with black pixels.
  • Adjusted : last chunk can have a smaller size.
  • format : TIFF and jpeg support
  • according to the format, you can have different compression options.

HDView export


For a direct HDView export, just use those options :

  • width : 256
  • height : 256
  • format : either WDP or JPEG
  • compression : for WDP use 93%, it's a correct balance between quality and size of the file


GigaTiler v1.0.0 2007-05-16

GigaTiler forum support