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Fusion Studio - Foreword


GoPro Fusion Studio is designed to allow users to offload and stitch content from their Fusion camera as simply and efficient as possible.

This product is designed in 4 steps:

  • Start window: The user selects if he's working with files on the camera on or already copied from the SD card to his desktop.
  • Manage: The user is invited to select his best shots, trim, correct the colors or even create overcapture views ((available from v1.1). He adds the selected shots to the render list.
  • Import: The user (helped by a Wizard) create a render queue. He's allowed to set advanced settings. And then he's invited to offload the contents.
  • Render: The import from the SD Cards and the stitching are on going, when it's over, the user is invited to play this content using our free 360 video player GoPro VR Player

Also, the product will allow the user to update the camera firmware.

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