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Autopano Engine Power

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I must confess that even if I know how Autopano is really working, it just keep to surprise me. This tutorial is an example of that.

Some time ago, year 2000 to be exact, I was in a journey around Mt Blanc. We went to visit Argentiere Icefield. After some walking, we add a good lunch rest just in from of this giant serac fall of argentiere icefield. The picture doesn't really give the size of the icefield, but for example, the ice bloc that collapsed was approximately 100m high (around 30,000 tonnes). Those figures were given by our guide, a famous french glaciologue.

So, we were eating while looking at the icefield. And I was lucky as I had my camera when it happened ...

Use the provided pictures with a standard detection and you'll get that :


It really shows the power of autopano engine : it ignores the front and just keeps what is not moving, the background. At the end, it stabilizes perfectly the pictures, allowing us to create a pseudo video.

Using Layer mode

Fun part : Just activate the Layer Mode : Layer off.png

Then go over the panorama and start moving the mouse. You'll see pictures following the mouse. It's easy in this mode to see where the pictures were located and stitched together. A good tips is to use mouse wheel to switch on a location between every picture. You can also use left and right direction keys.


Layered Output

We need every individual layers to be able to recreate a video. So let's choose PSD output format with layer output.


Hit render and switch to Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop animation creation

In Photoshop, I used this workflow (there are others way of doing the animated gif).

Create 10 frames in the animation windows. For each frames, just add another layer (make it visible using the layer windows). Set frame time to 0.5s and use export to the web to create the animated gif.

Here's a screenshot of the setup.


After export, here's the result. Remember, you are looking at 30,000 tonnes of ice collapsing ...