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Frequently Asked Questions - General



What are the differences between the standard and pro versions?

The standard versions contain less features than the pro versions. You can find all the differences in the comparative charts of each software:

What is the required computer configuration to use Autopano (from version 4.0) or Panotour (from version 2.3)?

Our software can run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Before purchasing it, you can download and try the demo version for free.

  • Minimal configuration
    • Operating system:
      • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 (64 bits systems highly recommended), ready for Windows 10.
      • Apple Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and later (64 bits only)
      • Linux Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bits only)
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Display: resolution of 1024x768 minimum
    • Sufficient hard disk space depending on the size of your projects
  • Recommended configuration
    • A 2 GHz processor or more
    • Multi-core processors
    • 4 GB of RAM or more
    • A recent graphics card with dedicated memory.
      • If you own an integrated Intel GPU and a nVidia card, you can select which GPU to use with Autopano or any other application: on Windows, do a right click on the desktop, select nVidia control panel, then select Autopano to be used with the nVidia GPU.

* We can not guarantee compatibility with older Windows systems like Vista, XP or 2000 and/or 32 bits systems.

What is the required computer configuration to use Autopano Video (from version 2.0)?

Autopano Video can run on Windows and Mac.. Before purchasing it, you can download and try the demo version for free.

  • Minimal configuration
    • Operating system:
      • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 (64 bits systems highly recommended), ready for Windows 10.
      • Apple Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and later (64 bits only)
    • Display: resolution of 1280x1024 minimum
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • 50 GB hard disk space
    • RAM: 6 GB
    • A recent graphics card with 512 Mb dedicated memory
  • Recommended configuration
    • Display: resolution of 1920x1080
      • Two full HD monitors are recommended for best workspace convenience.
    • A 2 GHz processor or more
    • Multi-core processors
    • 256 GB SSD hard drive
    • 8 GB of RAM or more
    • A recent graphics card with 2 GB dedicated memory.
      • If you own an integrated Intel GPU and a nVidia card, you can select which GPU to use with Autopano or any other application: on Windows, right click on your desktop, select nVidia control panel, then select Autopano to be used with the nVidia GPU.

What do I need to do to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system ?

  • On Windows: If your computer has a 64-bit processor, then you can upgrade to a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or 8. If your computer does not have a 64-bit processor, you may upgrade to a new computer. Refer to your computer retailer for more information.
  • On Mac OS: Mac OS X Lion and above are already 64-bit capable, which enables leveraging of more than 4 GB of RAM. If you intend to work on big projects, you can just add some RAM and you will start seeing the benefits of the 64-bits support.
    To determine if you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of OS X, open a Terminal and type: uname -a
    If you want to run OSX using 64 bits kernel, hold 6 and 4 keys during startup.

Trial information

How do I get a trial version?

You can download trial versions from the Download Center.

Are the trial versions limited in time or features?

The trial versions are not limited in time nor in features, but the results will be watermarked, and certain files encrypted.

The few limitations in the trial versions are:

  • Autopano Pro/Giga:
    • Rendered images are watermarked.
    • Export to Panotools: the control points are only partially exported.
    • Saving the project (as a .pano): Control points and Masking points are not saved in the demo projects, only the placement of the images is retained.
    • Neutralhazer Light is limited to 3 images (Autopano Giga).
  • Panotour Std/Pro:
    • Built virtual tours are watermarked.
    • Livepano videos are watermarked.
    • XML is crypted, so you cannot edit the tour's generated files afterwards (Panotour Pro).
  • Autopano Video Std/Pro:
    • Rendered videos are watermarked.
    • Video output is limited to 30 seconds.
  • Neutralhazer:
    • Images are watermarked.

Are there resources available to help me evaluate the trial software?

You have access to the entire documentation, that includes text and video tutorials. You can also feel free to post on our community support forum (creating a forum account is quick and free) where you can contact the Kolor Team in case you have specific questions.

How do I convert my trial to a full version of the product?

You just need to unlock the trial version with a registration key that you can purchase on the Kolor Store. You will then receive your license key by e-mail and you just need to copy and paste it into the software, no need to install the application again.

Purchasing Policy

Will I receive a CD-ROM ?

No. All our software applications are to be downloaded. This enables you to download an update as soon as it is released on our website and therefore always have up-to-date software.
Should you want to keep a copy on a CD-ROM, feel free to burn the latest version of the installer file that you can find on the Download Center.

Can I install the application on several computers ?

Our licenses are single-station licenses, i.e. you can only install the application on one computer. However, Kolor tolerates the installation of the applications on several computers for individuals and self-employed persons insofar as you are the only user of the application on these computers.

What if I change my computer or operating system ?

You don't need to buy a new license, you just have to download and reinstall the software, and use the registration key you received when you purchased the application.
If you change your operating system (for example, if you move from Windows to Mac OS), you can use the same registration key. When you buy the program, you are asked to specify your operating system only for statistic purposes.

If you lost your registration key, you can retrieve it at any time on your User Account.

Do you offer Education pricing ?

Kolor is committed to promoting the potential of panoramic photography to the most people possible. In this effort, Kolor offers special prices for students, teachers and schools. Refer to the Kolor Education Program.

Do you offer volume pricing ?

Yes. You can find the volume pricing on some product pages of the Kolor Store, or contact the Kolor team to get a quote.

I am a European company with a VAT number, or am outside of Europe, how do I update/remove the VAT in my cart?

If you have a valid VAT number, please create a client account, or login and input your VAT number to benefit from the VAT exoneration (except France). If you live outside of Europe, fill in your address in your client account interface.

VAT will adjust automatically at checkout.


How can I get a full license ?

You can purchase a full license on the Kolor Store. As soon as your payment is confirmed (it is immediate for the majority of card or Paypal payments), you will receive will your license key by e-mail and you can use it immediately.

Do you offer temporary licenses (monthly, weekly..)?

Unfortunately, no. We only offer full licenses at this time.

Are there any time limits to your licenses?

No. Once you've purchased a license, you can use it as long as you want. The only time you will need to purchase another license is if you wish to upgrade to the latest major version.

How do I upgrade my license to the latest version?

In your User Account, under the "My Upgrades" tab.

I've changed e-mail address, how do I update my licence's username?

You can't, our licences can not be modified.
If you update your e-mail in your User Account, then any future licence purchased will use the current e-mail of your account.

Do I need an extra license to use my projects commercially?

No, once you've purchased a license you can do whatever you want with the content you create.

I bought your software but it isn't what I was looking for, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Since we offer full versions of our software to trial, with no limitations in time or functionality, with only a watermark on the end product, we can not refund your purchase of a license. This is also mentioned in our Sales Policy.

Can I modify my license login?

Unfortunately not. Once a license has generated it can't be modified.
If you update your e-mail in your User Account, then any future license purchased will use the new e-mail as a login.

Can I resell/give away my license?

Licenses are non-transferable. You can not give away or resell your personal license. If you are interested in reselling our solutions, please contact us at reseller[at]kolor.com


Where can I download the software from?

From our Download Center. Each software then has it's own individual downloads page.

Where can I download old versions of the software from?

From the previous versions Download Center. Each software then has it's own unformatted individual downloads page, which is generated automatically for every new release.

I have purchased a licence, but the software I downloaded is a trial version! What do I do?

All you have to do, is register! All of our software is initially a demo version, and registering by copy/pasting (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) your user login and licence into the register window will unlock the full version.

Updates and upgrades

Are the bug fixes free?

Yes. All bug fixes of a main version are free, they are minor updates. For example: version 2.1.3 to version 2.2 is a minor update with bug fixes.

What is the update and upgrade policy?

  • All minor updates are free (example: version 2.0 to version 2.1).
  • Major updates (example: version 1 to version 2) are generally paid upgrades.

The upgrade price is generally a third of the standard software price.

You can find our update and upgrade prices here.

Can I upgrade several software at the same time?

Unfortunately not, you will have to create one order per update.

The reason for this is because the upgrade prices that are activated from your user account are activated with the use of a discount code. The shopping cart can only accept one discount at a time, so if you add several upgrades to your cart, they will cancel each other out and the full price will show.
You can contact us if you have more questions on this subject.

Can I upgrade from the standard version to the pro version?

Of course! You can upgrade from the standard version to the pro version at any time and you only need to pay the price difference between both applications (+ the update price if a new major version is available).
You can therefore begin with Panotour Standard, for example, and then upgrade to Panotour Pro when you are ready for it. You will find your upgrade possibilities in your User Account.

Can I still use old versions of the software?

If you own a licence for that version, then sure! You can find all of our previous versions available to download from here.
We can not however provide any support for the old versions, nor can we guarantee that they will work/be compatible with recent operating systems.

Technical Support

What kind of support do you offer?

  • Our technical support is forum-based. Registering is quick and free, it's a separate account from your client account.

The main advantage of this form of support is that both the Kolor Support Team and our active community are available to help you, which is much faster than by e-mail, and the questions and answers can help profit the entire community, which in turn help us improve and enrich our online documentation.

  • We also offer paying technical expertise for particular projects and partnerships.
  • We do not offer telephone support.

What about questions concerning my licences or account?

For any questions which require access to your personal information, you can send us an e-mail through our contact form instead.

Can I ask questions or for support even if I'm using the trial version of your software?

Of course! Even if you are trialling our software you are free to contact us for help and advice on our support forum.

I think I've found a bug! How can I report it?

The first step would be to check the software's troubleshooting page, available from each software's documentation index page, to make sure it hasn't already been registered and a workaround suggested.
Then, to report a bug, you have to post a report in the appropriate bug report forum:

Try to provide as much information as you can about the problem, for example:

  • Your computer specs
  • Which version of the software you are using
  • How many images/videos/panoramas/etc... , what file format
  • When does the crash/problem occur exactly?
  • Can you recreate the problem? (If you can, what is your precise workflow)
  • Is the same using a different or new project? If not, what's the difference between the two?
  • Screenshots, we love those
  • If the software crashed, were you prompted to send us a crash report?
  • etc..

What if I have a confidential project, or can't share the content publicly?

You will still have to report the problem or bug on our forum, even if you can not show the content publicly. If needed, we can then provide you means to share the content with us, where it will remain confidential.

What are my support options if I'm using an older version?

Our general policy is to offer support for the current version of the software, and for older versions up to a year and a half (18 months) after the release of a new major version. That being said, you can still post your questions on our support forum and you will likely get an answer, either from the community or Kolor Team.

You also still have access to the documentation for the older versions, in the documentation archive.

We can not accept bug reports for older versions, as they will have most likely been solved in more recent versions, and the first test you will be asked to do is see if it still occurs in the latest version.

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