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APP/APG v2.0 Clauss

This import filter is only available in the Giga version.

Select the XML file and the associated images then click on Finish to create the group.

General Tab

  • XML: file containing all the shooting data
  • Images: list of images to be stitched
  • Inverse Y coordinates: Used to simulate a different setup of the camera on the Merlin head (+45 degrees, the camera is tipped upward but is mounted upside down, it is then tipped downward). Simply put this just inverts the Phi angle.

  • Preview: preview of the shooting sequence
  • Zoom: modify the preview.

Options Tab

  • Auto detection: Launches the automated detection once the Finish button has been pressed.
  • Skip optimization : uses the Papywizard generated coordinates for image placement This mode is also very useful to detect and correct bad control points (using their RMS value) with the control editor and to re-optimize the whole project
  • Clean wrong links: useful if the images have a high degree of resemblance