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APT v1.0 Central window


Pano open.png Open a previously saved project file
Pano save.png Save the current project
Banner close.png Close the current projet
Group addpicture.png Add one or several panoramas to the virtual tour
Render.png Export the virtual tour into the Adobe® Flash® format.
Whatsthis.png Get quick help tips for the toolbar icons

Project Graphical View

The Central window is meant to regroup and allow the visualization of all elements belonging to a project (panoramas and hotspots) and to allow the user to individually select them in order to edits their properties.

The panoramas are displayed as large thumbnails, the hotspots by small circles or triangles and the links between each individual views are symbolized by directional arrows.


Selecting Objects

  • A simple click will allow you to select a panorama (image) or hotspots (white circles for point hotspots and white triangles for area hotspots).
  • Hold the "Ctrl" keyboard key down to select multiple objects at once.
  • The "Ctrl+A" keyboard shortcut will select all panoramas and hotspots at once (“select all” feature).

Each selected object is identified by a black border (hotspots are also solid white to enhance the visual contrast and visibility).


  • The mouse scroll wheel is used to zoom in and out inside the Central window.
  • When the whole project scene is not entirely visible, sliders appear on the right side and at the bottom of the panel. Use the sliders to move the project view around. It is also possible to use the keyboard arrow keys or the mouse to move the project view around (left click/hold on the scene background to move the view around).
  • The name of the panorama located under the mouse pointer is displayed next to the pointer when running it over an image.


  • Moving panoramas inside the project view is easy. Just drag and drop the panorama to a new location.
  • Linking a hotspot to a panorama is performed by dragging the hotspot to the target panorama of your choice. The link, symbolized by a directional arrow, is only visible when the considered panorama is selected.
  • To delete a panorama form the project view just right click on the image you want to delete and select “delete” from the contextual menu. You can alternatively select the panorama and use the "delete" keyboard key.

Warning: Hotspots deletion cannot be performed in the Central window. It can only be done in the Hotspot Editor panel.