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APP/APG v2.0 Batch Rendering


The Batch Rendering feature is designed to automatically process a queue of panoramas rendering tasks. All you need to do is define a list of project files (.pano) you want to render. Each project will be rendered once the previous rendering task is completed.

Note: Even though Autopano Pro allow you to continue working (panorama detection/edition) while a panorama is being rendered in the background, it is sometimes a better idea to differ the final rendering and perform it at a time when you do not need to use your computer (at night for example), especially if you need to render a very large panoramas.

Interface Description

The interface is divided in three major areas.

  • The Toolbar: with buttons to launch, pause and stop the batch rendering,
  • Rendering Preview: displays a real time preview of the rendering process
  • Rendering queue & properties:

The Toolbar


  • Batch render open.png Open the rendering list: open an (.apb) file containing a list of projects to be rendered.
  • Batch render save.png Save rendering list: save an (.apb) file containing the list of the projects currently in the rendering queue.
  • Pano open.png Add a project: add one or several projects to the rendering queue.
  • Start.png Start/Stop the batch renderer: start or stop the processing of the rendering queue. Only the projects flagged “Ready to be rendered” in the queue will be rendered. This means that a rendered, canceled or failed project will no be rendered. To stop the batch renderer without canceling the rendering currently in progress, click again on Start.
  • Pause.png Pause the batch rendering: pause the rendering process in progress.
  • Stop.png Cancel the current rendering: cancel the rendering of the current project and start the rendering of the next project. The batch renderer itself is not stopped.
  • Stop all.png Cancel the current rendering and & stop the batch renderer : cancel the rendering in progress and suspend the processing of the rendering queue.
  • Banner close.png Remove one or several projects from the list: remove the selected projects from the list. A project currently being rendered cannot be removed from the list.
  • Rendering directory.png Open the destination folder: provide easy access to the various projects destinations folders.
  • Manuel-batch-priority.png Process priority: a rendering set to maximum priority will use the full available processing load of the computer (rendering is then faster); this will affect the performances of all the other programs currently running on your system. In the other hand, a rendering set to no priority will share its computing needs with the other programs needs (rendering will then take longer), you can continue using the computer for other tasks.

The last icon Whatsthis.png allow you to display some help content for each button. Click on this icon then click on the icon you need help with.

Rendering Queue and Properties


This area display a list of the projects selected for rendering. You can display a project’s properties by selecting a project; its properties (filename, file format etc.) will then be displayed in the area located to the right.

The icon displayed in front of a project name gives you information about the state of the project:

  • Check on.png: the project was successfully rendered.
  • Render.png: the project is currently being rendered.
  • L arrow.png: the project is waiting to be rendered.
  • Check alert.png: an error was encountered while rendering the project.
  • Stop.png: the rendering of the project was canceled.
  • Pause.png: the rendering of the project was paused.

The contextual menu Ready to be rendered will reset the current state of the project to Waiting for rendering. This will allow you to render a project a second time without having to remove it and add it again to the queue.