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Autopano Video Documentation - Plugins

GoPro VR Plugins can now be installed via a specific package and it's still free!

Customers were really interested in having more tools to improve the 360 workflow after stitching was finished. And this is why we got into NLE plugins development specifically for VR and the CineForm plugin for VLC Media Player.

  • Autopano Video Pro 2.6 introduces 2 Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins (compatible from Premiere Pro CC 2015 onwards) which you’ll find in the Video Effects menu under GoPro VR.
  • The CineForm plugin for VLC is the simplest way to preview your CineForm footage

GoPro VR Horizon

This plugin assumes that the input video is a 360 spherical video and the output after processing is a 360 video as well. It lets you straighten the horizon according to 3 sliders representing the yaw, pitch and roll axes. You may even do this job more easily by using the mouse directly on the composition window. You may also place some keyframes to create transitions between spherical point of views. An optional "Smooth transition" checkbox helps you smooth complex transitions
Download Autopano Video Pro 2.6 or Autopano Video 3

GoPro VR Reframe

This second plugin assumes that the input video is 360 spherical video and the output a standard video. By moving the FOV slider and the 3 axes yaw, pitch and roll (mouse is available as well) you can change the field of view and the point of view of the video and obtain a projection going from little planet to a classical planar projection. And just like GoPro VR Horizon, you can use keyframes and the "Smooth transition" checkbox to create your storytelling

GoPro VR Layers

This plugin allows you to insert different elements directly in your video (text, images, videos) without worrying about the distortion from using a spherical scene. Download Autopano Video Pro 2.6

CineForm plugin for VLC

With Autopano Video, you can create gigantic files, you’re combining six or more videos into one which results in a video bigger than just 4K, you’re going up to 6K, 8K and more. If you want to use that full resolution and make the most of your videos in post production, your one and only option is rendering your video as CineForm.
You can now preview your videos before you edit them in Premiere Pro or After Effects for instance.
You don’t need to download a new player, simply install this free plugin for your VLC player and you’ll be able to play your CineForm video coming out of Autopano Video, GoPro studio or any other editing software.

The plugin is compatible with Windows and Mac versions of VLC 2.2.0 to 2.2.1, and the best part, it’s free!
Download the plugin here

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