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Autopano Video - Which settings to use with my GoPro

                              This page will give you the best settings of the GoPro Hero 3+ and Hero 4 for 360 video capture

GoPro image size and framerate

If you are using a six or a seven camera holder you must use only the 4:3 modes of the GoPro:
  • 2,7K 4:3 --> renders a 8K video file
  • 1440p (highly recommended) --> renders a 5.5K video file
  • 960p --> renders a 4K video file

Then you have to select the appropriate framerate. As we need to resynchronize the videos in post production you have to use a high framerate, but not to high to keep details in each image. Are the recommended modes:

  • Most versatile mode: 1440p 60fps
  • Static looking for very hi-res output: 2,7k 4:3 30fps
  • Want to do slow-motion in post production: 960p 120fps

GoPro settings depending on the workflow


Settings "Quick & dirty workflow" "Professional workflow with a post-processing in a third party software"
Low light OFF OFF
Spot meter OFF OFF
Protune ON ON
White balance Set according to the lights of your scene Native
Color GoPro (saturated & contrasted) Flat
ISO Limit Up to you Up to you
Sharpness High Medium or Low as your convenience
Exposure compensation See indications below See indications below

Capture mode

You have to enable the "Protune" mode in the "Capture settings" of the GoPro to get access to all the following settings.

White balance, colors and sharpening

You want a quick a good workflow (highly recommended)

Set the color temperature to an appropriate setting according your scene light:

  • sunlight : 5500 Kelvins
  • white compact fluorescent lamps : 3000 Kelvins
  • Daylight, overcast : 6500 Kelvins

Set the color setting to "GoPro color".

Set the sharpness value to high or medium, as you prefer.

Use the same parameter on each GoPro.

You want to go to post processing into GoPro Studio or any other video software

Use the "CAM RAW" setting.

Set the color setting to "Flat".

Set the sharpness value to low.

These settings will give you a flat video but you will have more information (larger bitrate) if you want to adjust some settings in post-production.

Use the same parameter on each GoPro.

ISO Limit

Using ISO 6400 as a limit is fine, as the GoPro won't go there if it's not needed. Unless you have a particular need, let this value by default.


There to configurations in which you'll change the exposure:

  • You have a static set-up, speaking of light, and, for example, one camera is facing the sun. The automatic exposure of this camera will lead to a darker picture than the others. You have to over expose this camera (from +1/3 EV to +2 EV). Same reasoning for a camera turn downward to a dark floor: under-expose this camera (from -1/3 EV to -2 EV).

Low light mode

Disable the low-light mode as it allows a camera to adapt his framerate which will result in the desynchronization of your videos. If your scene is dark and static, it's better to decrease the framerate to 24 or 30 fps.

Resolution & framerate

These are the only usable modes for 360 video capture depending on your RIG. Your framerate needs to be as high as possible depending on your scene, to ensure a more accurate re-synchronization of your videos.

If you are using a six or a seven camera holder you must use only the 4:3 modes of the GoPro

RIG Usable modes
Kolor ABYSS 1440p @ 48 fps / 960p @ 100 fps
Freedom 360 & 360 Explorer 1440p @ 48 fps / 960p @ 100 fps
H3Pro6, H3Pro6N, H3Pro7N 1440p @ 48 fps / 960p @ 100 fps
H3Pro7HD 4K @ 15 fps /2.7K @ 30 fps (recommended)

1440p @ 48 fps / 1080p @ 60 fps (wide mode) / 960p @ 100 fps (usable but not optimized)

If you use Rigs offered by Kolor, make sure each GoPro is set with an identical framerate/resolution and you will have met all the required conditions for stitching.

Try as best as possible to keep your interesting content outside of the overlapping areas to ensure better results.

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