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Autopano Video - Timeline

The Autopano Video timeline will help you to temporally edit your stitching at two levels: geometry and colors. For example if you pass through a door from the indoor to the outside during your 360 video both color and geometry change, the timeline will give you the power to adjust your stitching in such conditions.

Main overview

The timeline of Autopano Video is divided into several lines:

  • the first one for the edition of the horizon (geometry)
  • the second one for editing the stitching
  • the third one to correct the colors
  • the last one to edit your masks over the time.

Timeline overview


Here is a detailed view of the timeline presenting the different parts of it: Timeline tools

The state

A state is a period during which all the frames are stitched following the same reference. The reference is an editable panorama used as a model for the stitching of the input videos. To edit a state you just have to click on Edit under the preview of your 360 video. A state can be used as a keyframe if it last just for one frame (reduce the during of a state to his minimum size). Here is a detailed view of a "Keyframe":

Keyframe details

A transition

A transition is the period between two states. During this period all the parameters are interpolated following a curve, linear by default. You can chose the type of interpolation by right clicking on a transition -> edit and chose the curve you want. All modifications made to the stitching won't be saved if your current time cursor is placed on a transition: this is a non-editable period.

The different tools

Moving elements of the timeline

Operations on the timeline

The main tool

Avp - Edit icon.png (Shortcut : V) This is the main tool, you have to use it for every common operations except cutting.

The cutter

Avp - Cutter icon.png (Shortcut : C) The cutter is used to cut a state and, by this way, to create a transition. To cut a state you just have to double-click on it. Then you can place the transition where ever you want.

Note that with those tools, you can open the Transition menu with a right-click as shown below: 

Open Transition menu
(Click to animate)

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