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Autopano Video - Template Stitching


We created dedicated indoor and outdoor stitching templates for various rigs.
The templates can be used as default or fall-back positions (white walls, blue sky, etc) and are compatible with AV/AVP (1.5 or above)

The .zip files contain different cases depend on the recording resolutions (1920x1440 / 1280x960 pixels) and calibration distances (indoor 3m / outdoor 20m):

How to use them

  • That's pretty straightforward:
    • 1) Make sure the gopro 1 is in the holder #1 and the gopro2 is in the holder #2 and so on ...
      Autopano Video uses an ascending alphanumerical order. For instance you can name the videos like this: Cam01.mp4, Cam02.mp4,... It's very important to respect that order
    • 2) Drag and drop your videos.
    • 3) Click on synchronization button (sound based).
    • 4) Click "Stitch as Pano" and select the right template (Select the appropriate .pano instance F360_1440_outdoor.pano)
    • 5) Autopano Video will create a new reference panorama based on that template.
    • 6) Then edit the new reference panorama (fix the horizon, adjust the color correction, etc) in Autopano if necessary.
    • 7) Click Render.

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