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Autopano Video - Stabilize and straighten the horizon

This step is really important unless the 360 camera was static during your shooting. It is even more essential to stabilize your video if you are willing to show your 360 video into an HMD like the Oculus or the Samsung Gear VR. This step contains two parts:

  • the automatic motion compensation
  • the manual adjustment of the horizon (from Autopano Video 2.2, you are able to straighten the horizon directly from the Realtime preview window)

As a reminder, you still have the possibility to edit your reference panorama using Autopano Pro or Giga to do some corrections (add control points to reduce/remove parallax issues, remove ghosts,...). In this case, make sure you selected the stitching mode and not the Authoring mode (Timeline window) or the changes will not take effect in AVP. Also, make sure you have at least one timeline that is in a blue state which allows you to apply changes from Autopano Pro or Giga

Only Autopano Giga has a tool that helps you remove ghosts

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Motion compensation slider

Once the calculation is done you have a motion compensation slider instead of the "Compute motion" button. This slider sets the value of the motion compensation from 0% to 100%.

Low values (0-20%) mean that your are going to compensate high frequency moves (vibrations for example).

High values (> 70%) mean that you are going to compensate both high and low frequencies (vibrations + walking moves for example).

The value set on the slider is a low-pass filter, meaning that frequencies under the slider value will be filtered.

Anti-shake slider

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